Salvador Reyes, the “lying side” who has raised his value in America

The winger is positioned as one of the best players in America in the tournament thanks to his multifunctionality, despite arriving with a low profile as reinforcement

The arrival of Salvador Reyes to the America It provoked criticism against the board for the low profile of the 22-year-old Mexican who came as a reinforcement to the Apertura 2021. Hailing from Puebla, he is not yet considered one of the figures of the MX League.

However, his performance has made him the stellar reinforcement of the Coapa team by adding three goals and three assists in the 12 games that the club has played. This has caused the value of the original from Taxco, Guerrero and formed in Morelia to rise by 75 percent.

Salvador Reyes has become an all-rounder for him America, since he has occupied the three areas of the field on the left wing, but according to one of his trainers, ‘Chavatore’ is a “Lying side”.

Julio Armendáriz, former player of Santos and now technical assistant in Celaya had under his orders Chava Reyes over two and a half years, and considered that the now element of the Eagles does not have a fixed position in the field.

“It is side, extreme, ruffle outside or inside? When he was with us in Morelia he was below the top scorer in the category and without being 9. In Puebla they put him as side left, but it was a lateral liar, because he was walking in the area. He is quite useful in that area and he is a player who for me is very responsible and the truth has that capacity for understanding with the group ”, he said.

The work you have done Salvador Reyes with America has caused the specialized portal Transfermarkt raise the value of the young from $ 2.3 million to $ 4.06 million.

“I realized that the part of his family is very important, because they have influenced in a very important way. savior He’s starting to get noticed among the people of Liga MX and what he’s doing doesn’t scare me. Has the ability to side, steering wheel on the outside and his personality is a calm player, you see him and you say he is not ostentatious in his dress, he has presence, he is cheerful when he takes confidence in you ”, added the helmsman.

In interview for ESPN Digital, Armendariz assured that his performance is not only seen on the field, but also outside, since “he is an introverted player. He does not drink, he can go to a party and they do not even remember if it was, because he is one of those who sits around. He is a very calm young man ”.

“I’m not surprised by what ‘Chavatore’ does. It made a difference in his winger position. It had conditions from the beginning. Chava completed the processes there in Morelia, Sub-12, Sub-14, Sub-15 and I take it in Sub-20. It has a good collective performance ”, he expressed.

In the same sense, he recognized that there is an aspect to improve for savior is the defensive theme, since it was not formed as side.

“I feel that in his returns he needs to improve. They put it on side, but it’s a lateral liar, because in the game it will always be sharp and leaves a space to attack. It is one of the things he has to improve, but his collective and tactical understanding has it totally and I still don’t see a ceiling for him ”.

Julio Armendariz was forceful in pointing out that Chava Reyes has the profile to be a player of the America. “He is in a team that everyone sees and criticizes that team. Not just anyone can be, and Chava I still don’t see a ceiling for him ”.