Salah and City draw at Anfield

ORn packed to the brim featured Anfield. The spectacular atmosphere seemed to influence the players of both teams.. They went out onto the field at a very high pace, however, it resulted in inaccuracies and little football. But everything changed when Manchester City managed to warm up and get into the game, something that Liverpool did not achieve.

That happened at 20 minutes into the game, when Pep Guardiola’s pupils understood where they should attack their rival. They found many spaces on the left wing, between Milner and Matip, and decided to focus the game on that band. Cancello and Foden began to carbure to the delirium of Klopp.

The chances began to happen, but only in the goalkeeper defended by Alisson. After half an hour of play, the siege was constant, City created one opportunity after another, but the good performance of the rival goalkeeper and the lack of success prevented the scoring from opening. Klopp’s men can’t even get out of their field due to pressure after constant loss. Salah, but especially Man, they were real islands. However, the referee of the match pitted the end of the first half, to the relief of the Reds, and the score did not move.

Salah against all of Manchester City

However, Klopp’s talk must have influenced the break, when he returned his team seemed different. He submitted to Manchester City and the chances did not stop coming. A spectacular Salah appeared after his lethargy in the first part and a spectacular drive was taken to assist Man. Senegals defined perfectly and opened the scoring in the 59th minute, but Foden put his team into the game with a good goal from his left foot 10 minutes later.

And Salah appeared again in 76 ‘, to leave the world and overtake his team to the delirium of Guardiola. The technician exploded in the band, since a few minutes ago the referee Paul Tierney had forgiven Milner the second yellow and now he was below on the scoreboard. De Bruyne on the edge took advantage of a rebound, which hit a net defender and sneaked into Alisson’s door in the 81st minute.

The game went crazy in the second half. Liverpool scored and City automatically responded, but the result will no longer move after the Belgian’s goal. Distribution of points between Klopp and Guardiola, second and third place respectively. Liverpool lose the opportunity to lead the Premier League and are one point behind Chelsea, while City are two.