Ronaldinho and his time in Liga MX, a success story or a fiasco?

Ronaldinho and his time in Liga MX a success story

Ronaldo by Isis Moreira, Ronaldinho, is one of the historical hires that have occurred in the MX League; Nobody imagined that a player considered at some point as the best in the world would come to Mexican soccer, although that ‘bomb’ that he achieved White Roosters He did not sit well with everyone at the feathered club, despite the fact that there were countless benefits that his stay in Queretaro.

It came as a reinforcement for him Opening 2014 and remained during that tournament and the Closing 2015, playing 2,22 minutes spread over 30 games, achieving eight goals and seven passes for goal; It was a key piece so that Roosters will be installed in his first Final of League, which he lost with Saints.

However, for the sports director of the Queretaro at the time, Adolfo Rios, the performance on the court was not enough to allow a negative influence on the team, so he asked for the departure of Dinho in December 2014 and when his request was not granted, the exporter of the America I quit.

Ronaldinho should never have arrived: Ríos

In September 2014, Ronaldinho was announced by White Roosters, unexpected news also for Rivers, since he confesses that no one informed him, he found out a few days before that this element would arrive at the club and in his opinion, the ex of the Barcelona he should never have made it to the team, because “the party He was holding her by the hand. “

“I was him sports director, but I did not bring RonaldinhoIt was a decision of the owners. I realized a week before he arrived, I was not asked, who pays is boss… It was one of the situations by which at the end of the tournament I decided to step aside, because regardless of the figure he became, the most important in the world, if you ask me, Ronaldinho should never have reached Queretaro, because it is about leaving school, seeking to transcend on and off the field and not a player who was a figure at the time, but he no longer had much to contribute in football and less in what Social, for that way of life that he has regularly manifested and that in Querétaro there was also that party that he leads by the hand, “he confessed Rivers Half-time.

“When the tournament ended I presented my project, in that project I was not considered Ronaldinho, they told me they weren’t going to take it, so I said one step aside“recalled the former feathered director, who is aware that in matters of marketing, Dinho Yes it was a success, but consider that that is not all that should be valued.

“There is Projects And those have to do with work, with commitment, with what you are going to leave; the owners paid what they paid, if you tell me if it was worth it or not, in what football do not; yes the name of the Queretaro got to world levelYes, but that has left an important legacy in an institution, I do not see it that way, “he stressed.

Gallos Blancos was known worldwide and recorded profits

Arturo Villanueva, former president of Gallos Blancos, acknowledged in an interview with Mediotiempo that he never said anything to Rivers of the hiring of Dinho, but this was because it was something very confidential, not for wanting to put it aside.

“Indeed, Adolfo I was not aware of the hiring, nor Adolfo nor anyone else in the club; it was something that I agreed directly with the owner of the institution … we handled it with all the discretion, because then things happen that end up hindering the talks, not even my mother knew what I was doing in Brazil, Adolfo He felt attacked… I went to see him directly at his house, through mutual friends I went to talk with his brother, I told him about the project; included that Danilinho he was his friend and he was in the club, that Rafa marquez He spoke very well, “he recalled.

To Villanueva, that Ronaldinho will come to Mexican soccer with him Queretaro It was a success, it left a lot of benefit to the club both on the court and in the matter economical by marketing.

“It not only influenced issues of marketing, sales and others, Ronaldinho He was the league’s leader in assists at the time, a goal of his puts us in League, a goal of his gets us to the Semifinals, with him is the first time that Queretaro reaches a League final “.

“He gave us a name world levelJournalists came from all over the world to cover the newspaper; the sale of tickets, we had 100 tickets and then they were 25 thousand subscribers… We improved sponsorships, for the first time we were able to go play United States, opened the door for us to negotiate for Robinho, the Child Torres, Lopeteghi, We are not going to hide that he had parties and so on, but you know which player you are hiring, you will not be surprised, that was his entire career and that was the best in the world … Pirma’s shirts were over, they were everywhere sold out, “he said.

Dinho came as a free player, so Roosters he only paid his salary and although the press spoke of a figure greater than the 2 million dollars annually, the money the club spent was recouped with the profits left by its presence in Queretaro, as noted Villanueva, who now in addition to being a commentator on TUDN, is a player investment advisor and supports the Cancun FC.