Roberto Alvarado, Chivas bet for players away from scandals

The indiscipline in Chivas has been a constant and Ricardo Peláez assures that Roberto Alvarado has an impeccable profile for the club

Since Ricardo Peláez arrived in Chivas, indiscipline has been a constant that they have not been able to eradicate in the rojiblanco dressing room. There are even several footballers who have left the Flock for this reason.

Beyond the controversial way in which the signing of Victor Guzman, Alexis Pena, Dieter villalpando, Jose Juan Vazquez Y Eduardo Lopez They left for extra-court reasons.

To this name could be added that of Uriel antuna, who after several breaches of regulation, such as the appearance in scandal magazines and the holding of parties during the pandemic, was finally left out of the flock due to a strong indiscipline that Chivas did not disclose during the previous tournament.

Peláez Linares has sought to clean the dressing room and was clear about it in the arrival of Roberto Alvarado as reinforcement.

“I am happy to present Roberto Alvarado today, a young player, a national team, in the Olympics, the oldest, with an impeccable career, a player I know and I am sure that his commitment, values, will be good for Chivas.”

“I know him well, the coach knows him, the fans. He has become known for his goals, not with his social networks. With what he does on the field, it is the most important thing, what he does outside of being a public figure, what he aspires to “, expressed Peláez in the presentation of ‘Piojo’.

Never before has the good behavior of a player been such an important reason for Chivas to decide on a contract. Today the ‘Piojo’ assumes that responsibility and ensures that he wants to be an exemplary footballer.

“Focusing only on soccer, I have my wife, my very close family, they are my engine to do things well. Many children follow me and I want to be an example, that they see that my dreams can be fulfilled, enjoy in Chivas and do important things, “said Alvarado.

2021 presented several headaches due to extra sports issues for the Guadalajara board of directors, we will see if 2022 is finally the year that Ricardo Peláez, as a good shepherd, manages to walk his Chivas.


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Roberto Alvarado, Chivas bet for players away from scandals