River won the Superclásico, threw a party at the Monumental against Boca and is the only leader

There was no protocol, nor regulations, nor serious faces of the security men that could stop the euphoria that erupted at Monumental after so long contained. The hugs returned. From parents with children, from grandparents with grandchildren, from uncles with nephews, from friends, from girlfriends, and also between strangers. Although the virus is still spinning, although the pandemic continues to threaten beyond the notable decline in cases in Argentina, it was impossible for the fans from River present on the court (visually occupied by well over 50 percent) contain when Julián Alvarez drew a tremendous goal with the complicity of Agustín Rossi.

The team of Marcelo gallardo crowned an ideal afternoon in the first Super classic with public and won 2-1 to a Mouth that he was left with one less very soon. Should have thrashed, but he cared little because climbed to the top of the Professional League, waiting for what to do Workshops on your visit to Defense and Justice.

The cycle of Doll It is one of the – if not the most – successful in the history of the Millionaire. But he had a thorn that could be taken on this Sunday that bathed the happily populated stands in sunshine: he had never been able to beat Boca at home in local tournaments, with three draws and three defeats. The last victory of the de Núñez men at home against the usual rival for the home championship had been more than a decade ago, on November 16, 2010. That day was Gallardo’s last Superclassic as a footballer and River won 1-0.

River’s public raves. Photo Marcelo Carroll

That streak was snapped. And the spell of draws was also broken in the game with the most poster in Argentina and one of the most attractive in the world. There were four consecutive equalities. River swept all those statistics with one of the best productions of the year.

Of course, everything was made easier by the expulsion of Marcos Rojo, which in less than two minutes saw two yellow cards for fouls to Braian Romero and Agustín Palavecino. The second was debatable although it is hard to believe how a player with the defender’s experience would expose himself knowing that he had recently been reprimanded. That red was the turning point in the Derby. A before and after, beyond that until that quarter of an hour, Boca had not presented a threatening posture for the bow of Franco Armani.

Battaglia retreats crestfallen. Photo Marcelo Carroll

Battaglia retreats crestfallen. Photo Marcelo Carroll

Sebastian Battaglia had to rearrange the defense: outside Edwin cardona, with the face of few friends, and inside Carlos Zambrano. River, with Nicolás De La Cruz closed with Enzo Pérez in the middle and the rest focused on attacking, handled ball and times to the rhythm of the kid Alvarez.

The one born in Calchín, Córdoba, champion with the Copa América Selection, was the undisputed figure for goals and deployment. The first was self-managed, breaking the waist to make a fool of Jorman Campuzano and, in less than a second, realizing with a glance that Rossi was ahead to nail her from above.

A shot from Luis Advíncula that went over the top was just a hint of Boca rebellion. That was the little that the visitor could do because before going to rest to put the nightmare on pause, he received another slap, knockout: Rossi made a mistake at the start, Milton Casco anticipated and opened for the youthful Santiago Simón. The bet of Doll assisted for Julian’s climb, which was faster than Carlos Izquierdoz and put the 2-0 that sentenced history too early.

Battaglia sought the lesser evil. There were two options: risk looking for the comeback with one less or close ranks and avoid the newsprint. Chose the second with your changes. Even so, the 4-4-1 was very weak and could not avoid the onslaught of River’s men who wasted several clear chances, including a shot at the post by Fabrizio Angileri and a couple of heads up.

In the end, lost for lost, Boca found the discount from a corner that Zambrano headed and that escaped an Armani who had been a pure spectator. That, after all, was the only shot that the Xeneize under the three sticks in all the classic … A very poor production from the Battaglia team, who suffered the first hard setback in his cycle and the first defeat as Boca’s coach (he had fallen with San Lorenzo, but replacing Miguel Russo).

River he even gave himself the luxury to make play Leonardo Ponzio a few minutes and returned to celebrate with his people on the day of the return of the hugs in the Monumental, a euphoria that was stronger than the care.

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