Riquelme’s tremendous premonition with River

1628200746 Riquelmes tremendous premonition with River

It was November 29, 2019. In times when there was no talk of chinstraps, vaccines, quarantines, much less a global pandemic. At that time, Boca only talked about one thing, the presidential elections whose main figure was nothing less than Juan roman riquelme. And it was he, precisely one of the great idols, who a little more than a week before the elections he told his premonition which, coincidence or not, came true three years later.

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“I’m tired of the chickens continuing to party”, This is how the current vice president started his speech at a campaign event in Florencio Varela. And said fact, since Roman took over as manager, Mouth stopped losing with River. And not only that, he left him on the road several times …

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It is true that the four times they met were all draws, but on two of those occasions, The team of Miguel Angel Russo he eliminated River a couple of times: first in the quarterfinals of the Professional League Cup, also on penalties after drawing 1-1 in the 90 ‘; and this Wednesday in La Plata for the Argentine Cup.

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And that if it is about kill-kill, which in general was the great fort of the River of Marcelo gallardo. Because Xeneize also ran it from behind in the first half of 2020 and, They are still down in the table, he reached it, he passed it on the last date and he took a title from his crop.

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What changed in this time?

Roman’s premonition applies in this present and the results support it. Although it is not only about that, since indoors, and not from now on, they notice that I change the image before each superclassic. That while it is true that in the run-up to the La Plata game one (River) painted much better than the other (Boca), things were very well equipped on the court.

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“It shows before each Super, the players face them with a different attitude, neither better nor worse than before, but different. And that is largely because the results of the last crosses were in favor of Boca, without a doubt”They told Olé and also warned that the Riquelme aura has a lot of weight in Ezeiza before the games with River.

In this, apparently, Riquelme, who accompanied the squad to La Plata, spoke with each of the players before the game and gave them their full bench in the locker room, he was right. Or rather, his premonition was real.

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