Riquelme’s strong message to the Boca squad in the locker room that prevented a major scandal after the title won by Racing

Boca players greet their fans after the defeat against Racing in San Luis (FotoBaires)

In a moment of great tension and anger for having lost the final of the Champions Trophy before Racing and leaving an image that was far from ideal, Juan roman riquelme He had an exemplary gesture with the Boca Juniors soccer players as soon as the match ended in Villa Mercedes, San Luis.

Once the referee Facundo Tello marked the end after the expulsion of Darío Benedetto, the players xeneizes They left for the locker room with the logical anger at having lost the final and with the intention of not staying for the medal ceremony. What they didn’t know was that Riquelme was there, waiting for them.

“The players were looking for the cups and were going to go out and rub them against the Racing players. In fact, Agustín Rossi grabbed one and was heading to the field of play. They were really hot… Until Riquelme appeared in the locker room. He told them that this is not done, that they go out, accept the medal and bank it “the journalist pointed out Andrew Turkish Alaluf on the radio broadcast the mouth showfrom the field of play.

The chronicler added that Román patted each of the players on the chest as a sign of recognition for the great year they had, after winning the League Cup and the Professional League. A gesture of the idol was similar to the one made by the remembered Carlos Timothy Griguol when he directed Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata.

Vice President of Xeneize and leader of the Football Council was very aware of the squad in the hours before the final with Racing and had a great gesture at the hotel with each member of the group led by Hugo Ibarra. He hugged them one by one and gave them a message of encouragement.

During the game, Riquelme was seen in one of the boxes at the Estadio Único de Villa Mercedes with his mate and, logically, he suffered from the adverse result of his team. In fact, the cameras captured the moment Alan Varela was sent off in the first extra time.

The hug that Juan Román Riquelme gave to each and every one of the players before the final against Racing for the Champions Trophy. He usually does it before the important matches

Román flashed a wry smile at referee Tello, who was then going to send off five more players, leading to the suspension of the match.

Racing won the Trophy of Champions to Boca in a hot duel

The Academy turned it over to Xeneize with Alcaraz’s header in a final with many seasonings that blew up a climate that was already heated among the players. The gesture of Pipe Benedetto towards arbitration tarnished the outcome in San Luis and also the Ribera institution.

The attitudes of some Boca players were not to the liking of Riquelme, who also left the stadium without making any statements, in silence, like the rest of the squad. As the team members walked down the aisle to the bus, fans asked Román for a hello, but got no response.

Another of those who left without making statements was Hugo Ibarra, who usually attends to journalists. However the Black he did stop to greet the fans.

Far from the scene of the events red frames was dispatched against Facundo Tello with an eloquent message on his social networks: “Hahaha, how great you are, Tello”, wrote the defender in his account Instagram. “Terrible effort! Great year everyone. Now to rest, boys, and next year we will go for more, as always hold on Boca, “she completed in another publication.

Marcos Rojo's post after the Champions Trophy
Marcos Rojo’s post after the Champions Trophy

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Riquelme’s strong message to the Boca squad in the locker room that prevented a major scandal after the title won by Racing