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1627168321 Riquelmes darts against Tinelli and compliments to Bocas youth

The Vice President of Boca assured that on Thursday night, Tinelli had confirmed that with a negative PCR they would be able to play with the professionals. In addition, he showed great confidence in the unprecedented eleven that they will present in today’s game: “We know they are going to do it in the best way.”

Riquelme captures

Juan roman riquelme He arrived at the Banfield stadium in the bus from Mouth in the preview of an unprecedented match that Xeneize will face with the Reserve team and with Battaglia as coach, after the scandal experienced in Brazil by the Copa Libertadores, which ended with all the players and the coaching staff of the First Division, isolated in a hotel in the City of Buenos Aires after having returned to the country.

The idol and leader of Boca told the details of the last hours that Xeneize lived with the comings and goings and hit Marcelo Tinelli directly: “On Thursday night he sent me a message telling me that on Saturday the Primera players were going to do a PCR and if it gave them negative, they would be able to play. That is why yesterday the Reserve played with the starters”, manifested on ESPN.

Riquelme, very hard against Tinelli and compliments for the youth of Boca


Riquelme, very hard against Tinelli and compliments for the youth of Boca


“We are here because we respect the history of Argentine soccer. Argentine soccer must be respected and we respect history. We are never going to let the name of our club go worldwide so that we do not show up to play a football match. We respect the history of Argentine soccer and we love our club: We are never going to play such a big role in not showing up to play a soccer game. Never. Afterwards, it is a rare thing. The president of the League (Tinelli) on Thursday at 9:30 p.m. sent me a message telling me that they managed -confirming me- that today the squad was going to do the PCR and if they gave negative they could play. What changed? That the Reserve played the game on Friday morning because the president on Thursday had told me that we could play with the professional squad, and at four in the afternoon he called me telling me that we could not play“, Roman assured.

And he added: “This is Argentine soccer: 9:30 pm on Thursday the president of the League tells me that if they test negative PCR, the professionals play. That is why they played in Reserve. And once the Reserve is over, he calls me and says: ‘They can’t play.’ It is not serious that they played yesterday and have to play today. If not, they would not have played. They played because Marcelo Tinelli had told me that he had arranged for the professional squad to play “.


“Today is an unforgettable day. The Boca fan will be grateful for life and we will also be grateful to the boys from the Reserve because they played yesterday, we asked them if they were fit and they told us they wanted to play and help the club. We will never forget this team that is going to play and the coaching staff. We will be eternally grateful “, assured the idol Xeneize.

In addition, he stated: “From the first day we arrived we are going back to being a football club. It feels every day. The coaches who were football players are teaching the boys a lot and seeing the commitment they have to want to play today’s game is exciting and we know they are going to do it in the best way. “

Regarding the presence of all the coaches and members of Boca’s youth soccer department, many of them with past as footballers at the club, Riquelme indicated: “It is an important day whenever Boca plays. We are already old, all these boys have given us many joys and defended the colors of our club in the best way. They know all the boys, they work with Battaglia and they wanted to come to accompany the team”.

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