Riquelme liquidated Tinelli and there was a stick for River

1627175754 Riquelme liquidated Tinelli and there was a stick for River

It was his first time as a visitor since he became vice president of Mouth. The situation made it possible. Juan roman riquelme, along with other idols who work in the club, accompanied the youth who had to put their chest in front of Banfield. And in its appearance, liquidated Marcelo tinelli and he also threw a stick at River.

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“I feel good. First of all we are here because we respect the history of Argentine football. We will never let the name of our club go out worldwide if we do not show up to play a game. We are never going to play such a big role in not showing up“Román started, with River as a clear recipient, recalling the match that did not appear against Atlético Tucumán at the beginning of the pandemic.

“Then it is a strange thing because the president of the League on Thursday at 9:30 at night sent me a message that when I finish the interview with you I will show it, Mr. Marcelo Tinelli sent me a message saying that on Saturday (the headlines) if they tested negative for the PCR they could play the game. Tinelli told me they were going to play, and then they called me and told me they couldn’t play, “he added.

In fact, Riquelme explained that the same players were in the Reserve on Friday because of what Tinelli himself had assured him. “Thursday night he tells me that they play the headlines with negative PCR, that’s why they played in the Reserve. Yesterday, at four o’clock in the afternoon, he called me and said they can’t play … Does that sound serious? Let them play yesterday and play today? We understand what the Government is asking of us, that is why we remain locked up until Tuesday. It is so. But they told us one thing and then another was done. “

And immediately he followed thoroughly against Tinelli: “Who do we play with on Tuesday? Whose fan is the president of the League? And who is the president of the League? Is it very difficult to put the game on Wednesday? It’s common sense, you don’t even need to ask for a postponement … We went to Brazil to represent Argentine football, not to win money. We have a certificate from the Consul, from Conmebol that we did not break the bubble, we arrived in Argentina on a private flight, we had negative results twice … There must be a little solidarity. We didn’t go on vacation, huh. But this is Argentine soccer. “

Other phrases by Riquelme

– “Boca fans are re hot, when they play with the illusion of an annoying one. But this is going to make us stronger. They took away our illusion in the Cup. We are going to keep getting stronger. “

– “With today’s game we have 24 games left, plus the Copa Argentina with River. Let’s hope the referees don’t make mistakes with us often, because it is the only thing we lack. We want to compete, we like it, we don’t want to do anything else “.

– “I spoke with Conmebol. How am I going to be satisfied with what happened? Have you ever seen a team that wins two games and is left out? Until the day I die I will not understand. But hey, now we have to think about what is coming, we have to support the boys. “

– “Giunta kept stopping and made me kick free kicks. And Today having Blas is beautiful, he led 20 years in the ascentThat he repeats to us every day that his soul returned to his body is very nice for us. The old man is happy where he is. “

– “Tito (Pompei) annoys me because he tells me that he was a teammate and also my coach in Boca. They have helped me a lot. Here they are all, there are many, it is beautiful It’s nice that today they wanted to join our club, they know all the boysThey are nervous again because they want the boys to do well. “