Ricardo La Volpe: The Mexican player needs to feel the national jersey

Ricardo Lavolpe compared the Mexican internationals, who will not attend the qualifying rounds, against the Argentines who fought to wear the albiceleste

Ricardo La Volpe, former technical director of the Mexico National Team, pointed out that the Mexican player lacks feeling the national jersey, in addition, he compared them with the Argentine elements, who asked to travel to play the Conmebol qualifiers despite the restrictions that exist in the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I am in contact that the teams and FIFA said about the regulations, but those who asked to go were the players. A big difference is that they said no to the teams, but that we are going to play and travel because the shirt is important and that is lacking in the Mexican player ”, said the ‘Bigotón’ in Futbol Picante.

What’s more, He added that he does not believe in injuries to players, which they then use as a pretext for not traveling to their country of origin for games with the national representative, since the same players have regularity in their local leagues.

“The first thing to tell them is that you have to defend Mexican soccer and make your team grow, they can’t say that you play in the league and then you’re injured for the national team, I don’t believe you.”

La Volpe said this after being questioned about elements such as Hirving Lozano and Johan Vásquez, who will not be with Gerardo Martino for the qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup because they asked to stay and recover from physical discomfort.