Reports: Tecatito Corona asks to be the highest paid player in Porto to renew contract

The Mexican forward asks to become the highest paid of the Portuguese team, with a figure of 6 million euros per year

The Mexican attacker of the FC Porto, Jesus ‘Tecatito’ Corona asks to become the highest paid player on the team to renew his contract with the team of Dragons.

The directive of the whole of the Porto seeks to renew the Mexican attacker in order to extend his contract with him Tecatito, who asks the amount of 6 million euros to sign his link with the Porto team, this according to information from the Portuguese newspaper A bola.

Given the high economic sum requested by the Mexican striker by the Porto board, the newspaper A Bola, assured that the proposal by the Tecatito it was not accepted by the directive, after considering that the economic amount requested is impossible to reach.

In the same way before the complex request by Jesus Crown, the Portuguese newspaper assured that the board rejected the proposal of the Mexican extreme right, after Sérgio Conceição’s team has 26-year-old midfielder Otávio Edmilson da Silva, who renewed his contract with the club until 2025 with a sum similar to the requested by Tecatito.

In June 2022 is when the contract of the Mexican attacker concludes, which is why after listening to the demands of the Mexican midfielder, the renewal of the Tecatito with the set of Porto they are being held, after so far they have not received a renewal offer again.

After being the object of desire in the recent summer market for teams such as Milan and Seville, the Mexican footballer failed to be sold, which is why the team’s team Porto He could be left without any income due to a possible departure of the player, after he does not renew his contract until the month of January, a situation that would place the Tecatito as a free player to seek a new club in 2022.