Reinier is a basket case

The Reinier thing at Borussia Dortmund begins to look like a hopeless case, almost a year and a half after Madrid chose the German club as the ideal environment for the Brazilian pearl to develop in the European elite. Reinier arrived in Madrid in February 2020 to finish the course with Castilla, where he left interesting details until the COVID-19 pandemic stopped everything. That summer, he was loaned to Borussia, a Champions-level team, but with several examples of betting on youth. But in Reinier’s case, something has not worked.

Last season was bad for the Brazilian, without palliative: he barely played 339 minutes all season. Lucien Favre showed little confidence in him; He was fired in December and his replacement, Edin Terzic, did show more of a penchant for Reinier, but as an option for the final stages of the matches. It only gave him a place in the eleven in the Bundesliga on the last day, with Dortmund already qualified for the next Champions League; the ex of Flamengo complied, he gave an assistance that day.

Reinier, on the Dortmund bench.

But with Marco Rose, things are not getting any better. It is a recurring change, but he has only started once, in the Cup against the modest Ingolstadt, from the Second Division. The prevailing opinion in Dortmund revolves around the fact that Reinier’s style of play does not finish filling Rose, who considers that his constant dribbling and threats in midfield slow down Borussia’s transitions.

Rose wants speed and high pressure, and she doesn’t see Reinier giving her either.. And his first impression of the coach did not help him either, as he arrived with the preseason very advanced due to his presence at the Tokyo Games, where he won the gold, although without being part of the starting eleven. It is true that Reinier’s competition at Dortmund is powerful: depending on the system, he has Brandt ahead, one of the jewels of German football of the moment, or to Reus, a whole institution of the German club.

Reinier is part of Madrid’s strategy of signing young talents in Brazil to develop them in Europe, such as Vinicius and Rodrygo. They are not cheap talents, it must be said, because Reinier cost 30 million euros from Flamengo, where he did not have many opportunities due to his age; shone in the lower categories. In Madrid, priority was given to the option of Dortmund for obvious reasons, the recent experience has been very good, with Achraf as the main example.

The Spanish-Moroccan full-back left on loan for two years and became one of the best full-backs in Europe. After his assignment in Dortmund, he was transferred to Inter for 40 million and last summer he changed his airs again, to PSG for 60 million. Few footballers have generated that flow of money in the middle of the pandemic.

Reinier, in the hands of Borussia

However, Borussia seems unlikely to break the loan, as the player seems to want. His father recently made a statement in Goal revealing his discomfort right now in Dortmund: “He could bring to the team his different style of play, which is very necessary in some games. Know as few the idea of ​​ball possession, control of the game. It seems that Dortmund have not understood it, they have not realized this good option. Despite this small delay at the beginning of his professional career in Europe, Reinier continues to be a prestigious name in other big clubs, and Borussia loses every day the opportunity to develop and enjoy another talented young man, maintaining its tradition, even if the footballer is not his patrimony. Something very strange is happening there. It is a pity! For both!”.

Reinier’s father expresses the player’s position; Madrid, for its part, would not oppose a change of scene if Borussia agrees, as it already did with the cessions of Vallejo in Wolverampton and of Lunin in Valladolid. But the transfer contract has no exits, it could only come to that if Dortmund admit it, and at this moment it does not seem the case: The squad is not too long and the team is showing itself permeable to injuries and various physical problems, so Rose does not want to part with anyone.

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Reinier is a basket case