Rebecca Jane and Michael Owen’s Sexually Content Messages: “I Sent Photographs to a Married Man”

Until about a month ago, the image of Michael Owen (41) seemed to be idyllic. After a brilliant career as a footballer, which includes the Ballon d’Or received in 2002, the Englishman retired from the pitch in 2013 and is currently enjoying his passion for horse racing while collaborating with various bookmakers or television channels. British.

But in the last few weeks his life has been complicated after the English tabloid The Mirror revealed the exchange of messages of sexual content between the former footballer and Rebecca Jane 37), former contestant on the 2017 edition of the English version of ‘Big Brother’. Owen began to follow Jane on Twitter on March 18 and until June the exchange of racy texts has been constant.

The former Liverpool and Real Madrid player, among others, after sharing in his memoirs (‘Reboot: My Life, My Time’) his marital problems and the real possibility of getting divorced In 2014, he also assured that he had changed after not assimilating his withdrawal well.

Rebecca Jane and Michael Owens Sexually Content Messages I Sent

“When things got a little more serious, I backed off.”

Rebecca jane

But the fact is that now that facet of gentleman that Michael Owen had projected after coming to light messages is questioned in which the Englishman asked him for topless photos, he responded with sordid qualifiers and even hinted at the possibility of a meeting in one of the footballer’s escapades to the Doncaster racecourse.

While Owen remains oblivious to the controversy and has not spoken, the other protagonist of the story, who at first felt “Flattered”, has now recognized that he regrets having led to the storm generated.

“When things got a little more serious, I backed off. I sent photographs to a married man. I shouldn’t have done that. I should have had the conversations in a different kind of setting. I’ve heard a lot of people tell me over the past few weeks that ‘you were the single one, it wasn’t your responsibility,’ ”explains Rebecca Jane.

“I think in my subconscious I also believed that. With the perspective of the passage of time, I had the moral duty to be a decent person and not cross that line with someone who is married. But ultimately, he should have kept the conversations private, because talking to other people brought the story to the cover of a national newspaper, “he laments.

Rebecca has appeared regularly on ITV’s morning show ‘This Morning’ following her stint with Big Brother in 2017. Before that, at the age of 24, she staged a detective agency specialized in infidelities and now he is in the middle of a controversy that he completely denies.

It is more than likely that Jane’s confessions are not the last chapter of this story as it is likely that more details will come to light about the explicit messages of Owen, who has four children and it is not ruled out that he has experienced a small door earthquake inside with his wife, Louise Bonsall.