Reasons why the Messi-PSG relationship is not working at the moment

After the elimination in the Champions League and the boos this Sunday, we present you five moments in which Messi has had a bad time at PSG

Leo Messi suffered this Sunday in the triumph of PSG 3-0 over Bordeaux, and the Argentine was booed on multiple occasions by the hobby in the Parc des Princes, as they considered him to be one of the culprits in the team’s most recent elimination from the UEFA Champions League against Real Madrid.

Messi he made 79 touches on the ball and made 87 per cent of his passes, in addition to making three key passes in the 90 minutes he was on the pitch, but despite that, it seems that the love that thousands of French fans professed for his arrival came to an end.

And it is that the South American has not had a good time in the PSG. Between injuries, Covid-19 and lack of rhythm, his first season in Paris It has been stormy. The lack of goals, assists and what many consider to be genius, had a negative impact on the mood of the French fans.

Here are five moments when Messi he had a bad time in PSG.

Elimination from the Champions

The first and most obvious was the elimination in the middle of the week from the most important club competition in the world, and that is that after going 0-2 on aggregate, they fell 3-2 to Real Madrid in one of the best comebacks in the history of the competition.

Leo Messi he was key in the series, and it is that in the first leg, in the Parc des Princes, he missed a penalty that could have increased the advantage in favor of his team. His shot was saved by Thibaut Courtois and he was left wanting to score in the competition.

Worst scoring start in the league

After five games in Ligue 1, Messi He did not add any goals, something that never happened to him with Barcelona, ​​since the Argentine was always characterized by his scoring power despite not being a nominal center forward.

The first goal of Messi It was on November 20, 2021 in his sixth league game against Nantes, but before that he battled against Reims, Lyon, Rennes, Marseille and Lille.

Out for almost a month due to injury

From October 29 to November 11, 2021, Messi He was out of the activity due to an injury to the groin and pelvic area. This caused the annoyance of the hobbyas many considered that she spent more time concentrating on her team than on the PSGa club that pays your salary and gives you all the facilities for your actions.

This caused them to begin to see with suspicion, because later it was added that he had Covid-19 from January 1 to 19 of the same month of 2022, for which they also criticized that he did not take care of himself and that this affected the performance of the Parisian team.

He does not find a conjunction with Mbappé

The PSG It is a team full of stars, but it is Kylian Mbappé who shines the most, making him the symbol of the city and of the institution, which they hope to retain, although it looks very complicated, since his contract ends in the summer of this year.

However, what looked like an unstoppable hat-trick with MessiNeymar and Mbappé, has not borne fruit, because the Argentine does not fit in with the French and they have not played in the way that the fans expected.

leveled down

The most obvious for many and what the Parisian fans claim, which is the level that the Argentine has. Yes OK Messi He was never the player who runs all over the field, he was characterized by doing it at precise moments, winning individual duels and scoring luxury assists, as well as incredible mid-distance goals thanks to his cutting and striking with his left foot.

After eight months of playing with the Parisian team, many amateurs French considered that the 34-year-old player can no longer perform or compete on a par with his teammate Mbappé, who is clearly younger and often looks more powerful and influential in attacking the PSG.

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Reasons why the Messi-PSG relationship is not working at the moment