Reasons for the defeat of Cruz Azul against Monterrey

ESPN presents the reasons why Cruz Azul was left on the edge of the fight for the Apertura 2022 title

Blue Cross fell 3-0 against Monterey in the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Apertura 2022 to be out of the Liguilla for the title and there were different factors that influenced, such as specific failures and inoperative changes.

Faults in defense (set pieces)

The capital team had flaws in the defensive sector, especially at the start of the first half, which finally ended up affecting the scoreboard and in the end the Machine was left out of the Apertura 2022 group.

The failures occurred above all in the coverage in the aerial game and proof of this is that in the first minutes Héctor Moreno finished off with a header, but the timely intervention of goalkeeper Jesús Corona prevented the home team from taking the lead on the scoreboard.

Blue Cross missed coverage on a corner kick, Germán Berterame headed in the area in the 19th minute to make it 1-0 on the scoreboard. After that, those at home had more arrivals that they could not specify. For the second half they withdrew their lines and ended up showing effectiveness to win 3-0.

lack of forcefulness

The Celestes lacked effectiveness against the rivals’ hut, they had various arrivals of danger that they could not specify and one of them was from Ángel Romero, who without a mark could not define and ended up sending it to the side.

Blue Cross He did not cease in his efforts to do damage to the goal defended by Esteban Andrada, he had real dangerous approaches through Carlos Rodríguez, Christian Tabó and Juan Escobar, but they simply did not define.

Rayados withdrew its lines in the complementary part and the visitors had more opportunities with Carlos Rotondi and Jesús Escoboza, but they simply lacked forcefulness, so in the end the team from the capital suffered defeat.

Ineffective changes

The strategist Raúl “Potro” Gutiérrez launched his team more in front in the second half in search of getting the victory against Monterrey, he made modifications to his team, but the relays simply did not give results.

Uriel Antuna entered the field at 45 minutes for Rodrigo Huescas, he sought to make a difference on the right side, but he could not generate much danger and even had a clear shot to score in a breakaway, but crashed the ball into Esteban Andrada.

Carlos Rotondi entered the 54th minute, but was unable to help the team come back after they were down 1-0 when he entered, he even hit a ball against the post and it was all over, while Gonzalo Carneiro and Michael Estrada could do little do as relays.

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Reasons for the defeat of Cruz Azul against Monterrey