Real Madrid’s 10: 9+1

ANDhe 10 of Real Madrid is Luka modric and no one disputes that. It is not about changing the Croatian’s number, a key piece in the team’s performance in this season with 36 springs, but about explaining the whites’ formula for success in Londonin Vigo and in so many other games from 21-22. A formula of 10, because it has the team at the gates of the Champions League semifinals and on pole for the conquest of the League, and which is based on the combination of the numbers of the two most decisive footballers in the squad. on the 9th of Benzema and 1 of Courtois.

The best Benzema

Little can be added about the performance of both at this point in the season and their respective careers. Karim34 years old, lives the best moment of a very long career in Madrid (from 2009 in the Bernabu), in which for a long time he was a facilitator for the best predator in the history of the club, Christian Ronaldo. It happens that, three and a half years after the departure of the Portuguese, Karim doubles him in goals (37 for 18) and is signing performances in Europe like the ones that CR7 used to when he wore white.

Two triplets in his last two European games, against rivals of bells and in games without a net, they currently place him well above not only 7 of the Unitedbut of other great gunners like Mbapp, Haaland, Salah, Kane, Messi… Just Lewandowski keep up with Benzema’s goalscoring pace, the most decisive footballer of the season in Europe (50 Goal Value Actionsfor the 49 of the Polish striker), launched for the great collective goals of the season and even the highest in the individual category, the Ballon d’Or.

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The ‘goals’ of Courtois

Courtois he doesn’t score goals, but his saves have the same value as Benzema’s actions on the other side of the pitch. It was seen, without going any further, in Vigoand repeated in Stamford Bridgewith two great stops to shots from Azpilicueta Y Reece James that could compromise the finally clear victory of Madrid.

None of that happened because Courtois has been going out for a long time. miracle per game with the white team, although not everything is limited to saving hands. It also tells of the overwhelming feeling of security that he transmits when the rival pushes, thanks to his mastery of aerial balls and his more than appreciable game with his feet. There are 17 clean sheets, 127 stops and 78% effectiveness, which places it at the top of the great European goals, no matter how much some continue to deny him bread and salt.

a known formula

The formula 9+1=10 is not new in footballOne does not have to go back too far in time to find precedents even at Real Madrid itself. It was at the beginning of the century when a Madrid less reliable than the current one lived basically from the stops of Iker boxes and the goals of Ronaldo.

The formula gave the Whites many victories in games that were decided in the areas, with Madrid subdued in the rest of the field. The Casillas-Ronaldo binomial could not win the Championsbut it marked a time in the history of the club before the turning point that was the conquest of the tentheven with Iker under the sticks of the Madrid goalkeeper.

Real Madrids 10 91

In the League there are also similar cases that confirm the importance of the areas, the zones of truth in football. last season, Atlético conquered the League thanks to Jan’s safety oblak under sticks and the forcefulness of louis surez in the definition.

In it barafirst Victor Valdes and after Ter Stegen, in a more accentuated waythey put the padlock on the Barça goal while Messi he tortured rival goalkeepers. There were many victories that Bara achieved thanks to that formula, which resulted in repeated successes both in the League and in the European Cup.

They are the two objectives that Madrid is now pursuing, which they have replied with Benzema and Courtois the old football axiom: you play in the middle, but you win along the baselines.

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Real Madrid’s 10: 9+1