Real Madrid, on pole for Endrick

ANDHe is a striker and he is only 15 years old, but a bid was opened for him a long time ago. Your name will sound to them, Endrick Felipe Moreira de Sousa, and they will have seen several of the videos that show his qualities, the same ones that have caused the whole of Europe to fight for him. in this fight, Real Madrid is the favorite to recruit him.

Endrick began to go word of mouth on October and November 2021, when despite the age difference he was already scoring goals in the U-17 and U-20 of palm trees. Then his representatives began sending pictures of his tricks to scouts from the clubs with which they maintain regular contact, from Real Madrid to Barcelona, ​​going through Milan or Bayern Munich.

In December the matter took a run. The reason, a goal from the center of the field in the final of the Paulista Sub-17, which in the country of ‘O Rei’ is known as ‘The goal that Pel did not achieve’. The repercussion was such that, after playing the final with the Sub-20, many teams called to announce that they would see him live at Copinha, the largest talent pool in Brazil.

Endrick’s great goal in the Copinha that goes around the world

Protagonist in the final with a goal, in Copinha he has come out with five goals in the 90 minutes that he added in three games. It is the best time to slam the door, even more so if you belong to palm trees, the only great without the trophy in its showcases, which has generated ridicule and even a chant. At that point, with the experts boiling over Endrick, his club decided to protect him by ruling out any appearance of him in the media.

Endrick then missed the third game of Copinha to participate in a friendly behind closed doors with the professional team, who cannot be joined until he turns 16 (July 21). A day later he tested positive for coronavirus. The contagion coincided with the acceleration of different suitors, who wanted to know the steps to take to ensure the signing. They also tightened the brands, since the powerful left-hander’s relationship with Nike ends in February 2023.

Ah, the conversations are carried out by the executives of the entities, not the scouting. The list is not surprising but it is impressive: Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atlético, Bayern, PSG, United, City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal… Most have been direct witnesses of its possibilities, even with meetings with the family. A handful of candidates, such as Ajax or Atalanta, are left without options due to the brutal competition.

The video of the pearl over which Bara and Madrid are fighting… appears with the Real Madrid shirt

Endrick, 17 million euros clause

Endrick has a training contract that includes a termination clause. 110 million reais, about 17 euros, for Brazil. For Europe it is the same figure, but Under FIFA regulations, no footballer can play, not even in the lower categories, on the European continent without being 18 years old.

That is why a good understanding with Palmeiras is necessary, a scenario that Real Madrid dominates due to its modest ways and for the hiring of Vinicius. On that occasion, Bernabu paid 45 million instead of 30, stipulated by contract, and the attacker was left in Rio until he was 18. In this case, Endrick is 15 to 16, not 16 to 17 like Vini back in the day.

The figure of Vinicius is key in this process, he favors Real Madrid. Endrick’s agency is also TFM, which helps because of the good relations with Concha Espina, the knowledge of the institution, the successful example to look at and the treatment between the madridista and the great Palmeiras project. Cristiano Ronaldo fan, In the summer, Endrick received a white shirt signed by Vinicius, with whom he talks on social networks and that he sent another T-shirt to the little brother, two years old; the family, by the way, is completed by an older sister, with two children.

Barcelona, ​​with economic problems

Real Madrid leads the race for Endrick, although the operation is not simple. It is estimated that it could be closed in a few 20-25 million fixed that could go to 45-50 with the bonuses. At the Bernabu they know that their greatest historical rival, Barcelona, ​​is in an economic situation in which it cannot make the necessary investment, although they are studying it and will try their best not to repeat the outcomes of mini soap operas like those of Vinicius and Rodrygo.

The handicap in the capital, on the other hand, are the possible arrivals of Mbapp and/or Haaland. These are one or two luxury reinforcements that will cover the front line for a decade and to which should be added Vinicius and other youngsters like Rodrygo, Brahim, Kubo, Reinier… They don’t all go in.

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Real Madrid, on pole for Endrick