Real Madrid – Manchester, the women’s Champions League live

Real Madrid 1-1 Manchester City live (Final)


Min. 93

Esther tries from the front but the ball goes out

Min. 92

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF REAL MADRID, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF KENTI! The Mexican caught a rebound in the front to, with a low shot, send the ball to the cage.

Min. 91

Good individual play by Athenea on the right side that ends with a tame shot at the hands of Taieb


There will be three additional minutes in the game …

Min. 88

Whistles in the stands after City starts wasting time and slowing down the game

Min. 85.

Change in Real Madrid. Mller leaves and Tere leaves

Min. 82

Tere tried from the front but her shot went high

Min. 80

I tried the boarding school Scott but was well cut by Zornoza in defensive work

Min. 77

Scott’s goal disallowed for understanding that he had committed a fault before finishing off the corner with the head at the bottom of the meshes

Min. 75

Cooling break of the second part and the fans that encourage theirs …

Min. 75

Zornoza’s filtered pass for Kenti and the center of the Mexican was headed by Nahikari in the second hair but excessively commanded at the hands of the rival goalkeeper

Min. 73

Crner thrown with a lot of thread by Zornoza who walks through the area without anyone finishing or clearing

Min. 72

Kenti won the baseline but his center crashed into a defender and would be crner

Min. 71

Double change at Manchester City. Scott and Park enter and Vicky and Shaw exit

Min. 71

Change in Real Madrid. Zornoza enters and Olga leaves

Min. 66

Nahikari’s shot from the edge that bounces off a defender and ends up in Taieb’s hands without a problem

Min. 63

The public protests that Olga’s shot crashed into the celestial defender’s hand. The braid understood that involuntarily, but it was a good fault on the front …

Min. 61

Shaw wins one of the few bids in the race and crashes his right hand into the side of the net


Change in Manchester City. Hemp leaves and Raso enters

Min 58

Another from Real Madrid! Bad assignment of a City defense to its goalkeeper, the ball falls into Esther’s boots but her shot goes over the goalkeeper

Min 57

New connection between Olga and Esther with the center of the first to which the second does not reach for very little after winning the back as marks

Min. 54

Vicky saved the offside, cut Olga and smashed the ball into another white defense.


Real Madrid on the crossbar! Olga’s center from the left that ester heads to the crossbar.

Min 49

Real Madrid tries to react. First Esther was offside and then Olga’s center crashed into Morgan

Min. 47

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF MANCHESTER CITY, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF WEIR! Played inside the Real Madrid area with several rejections, he caught the last Weir who sent the ball to the bottom of the net.

Min. 46

The second part starts at Di Stfano! It is Real Madrid who puts the ball into play through XX

Min. 46

So far the first part.

Min. 46

Peter caught the rejection of a skull and his left foot cut it off with Taieb authority.

Min. 45

One minute added in that first part …

Min. 43

It goes high !!! He shot with his right hand, but his shot went over the crossbar.

Min. 43

Penalty in favor of Real Madrid! Succession of rejections within the area after the corner, Ivana went to finish and they put the template. The referee was late, but pointed to eleven meters …

Min. 41

Olga’s center that bounces off a Celestial defender and goes to a corner kick

Min 39

City interned on the right with Coombs and Beckie that ends in crner

Min. 37

City is trying to slow down the game, another way to fight against the dominance that Real Madrid now has

Min 34

Another long ball, this time put by Kenti, looking for Esther. Greenwood already got his license plate. Zero surprise

Min. 31

Cooling break on the pitch. David Aznar and Gareth Taylor take the opportunity to give instructions to their players

Min. 31

Long ball looking again for Esther, whom Houghton anticipates with authority to yield to his goalkeeper with his head.

Min. 28

The one that Real Madrid has had! Good combinatorial attack play that ends with a back pass from Kaci to Esther whose right hand licks the strain of the post

Min 26

Esther tries again with a shot from the front that catches the City goal well

Min. 22

The one that Real Madrid has had! Nahikari assisted Esther who was left alone to finish off, but Huescar’s right hand was repelled with a slap by the City goal


Hemp was trying to assist Shaw on the inside, but Misa was very attentive at the start


The first City players in the band begin to warm up

Min 16

Minutes in which Real Madrid squeeze. Athenea tried to change band but was well blocked by Stokes

Min. 13

The Di Stfano audience is encouraged to sing. How the audience was missed in the stands!

Min. 12

Crner in favor of City that ends in a counterattack led by Olga and that becomes a crner in the opposite field

Min. 10

Another stop at Mass! This time it was with a center-kick from the right-hand lane that was poisoning and that ended with a slap from the Canary Islands preventing the ball from hitting its goalkeeper

Min. 7

Mass stop! Center from the left-handed side that walks through the area and Beckie finishes off at the far post, forcing Misa to pull reflexes

Min. 5

First arrival in the Real Madrid area. Combination on the right between Kenti and Athenea, but the pass behind the Mexican did not find any partner

Min. 4

Side free kick hung by Greenwood that is scored directly outside. I hit him with force and intention but without adjusting the times

Min. 3

Nerves and inaccuracies in the passes by the players of both teams in these early stages.

Min. 1

It is Manchester City who puts the ball into play through Shaw, which was the top scorer in the French League last year and one of the signings of the English team this summer


Captain’s draw between Ivana Andrs and Steph Houghton. The white outfit chirps while the braid goes to the ball

Florentino Prez is presiding over the match in the Box of Authorities. Along with personalities such as Emilio Butragueo, Ana Rossell, Paco Dez, Mara Tato, Jorge Vilda, Kenio Gonzalo or Montse Tom.

The players jump to the field of play! They pose now for the snapshot that will serve to remember as the first game of the white team in Europe.

The players are withdrawn to the changing rooms. Night falls in Madrid. Come on, this begins …

The players of both teams jump to warm up to the green of the Madrid Coliseum!

The public begins to enter the stands of the Alfredo Di Stfano. Good entry is expected as the tickets were sold out shortly after being offered at the box office. Good temperature in the capital, the sun is shining at the moment and you want to see European football …

We have an official line-up at Real Madrid! David Aznar starts with Misa, Kenti, Ivana, Peter, Olga, Kaci, Tere, Luca, Athenea, Esther and Nahikari

We have an official line-up at Manchester City! Gareth Taylor starts off with Taieb, Morgan, Houghton, Greenwood, Stokes, Coombs, Vicky, Weir, Beckie, Shaw and Hemp