Real Madrid: Luxemburg details heated argument with Florentino that led to his resignation

The only Brazilian coach, Vanderlei Luxemburg, who has had Madrid told the details of the awkward moment with the club president

The only Brazilian coach in the history of Real Madrid, Vanderlei Luxembourg he had a short life in LaLiga, commanding fewer than 50 games there. This Friday, the technician detailed in an interview with Flow Sport Club how an argument with president Florentino Pérez distanced him from the Spanish club.

“We beat Getafe and Beckham was sent off in the first half. We were winning 1-0. In the 90th minute, I took out Ronaldo. With one player less, the normal thing is to close. I was stalking Barcelona (in the table), so I wanted to win the game. The crowd grabbed their scarves and began to protest. It is the protest that they do”, began to say Luxa.

I left the field, entered the tunnel, came to a space that was a corridor. Florentino Pérez came down from the grandstand and found me there. He said, ‘Lord, what happened?’ I replied that nothing happened. ‘Why did you take Ronaldo away?’ ‘Geez, president, we are winning the game.’ And there were people to c… in the hallway”, he continued.

“I’m not worried about the fans, I’m worried about Barcelona. I want to catch up with them,” Luxemburg told the president, who fired back.

No, but at Real Madrid we have to think about the game and think about the fans. They pay, we have full capacity for all matches, they pay to see the show”, argued Florentino, in the words of Luxemburg.

“But I want to win the game. That’s where that discussion started,” Luxa summarized, who continued.

President, let me tell you something: I’m not enjoying this very much, no. I didn’t ask you to come here, you went to Brazil to hire me. I didn’t come here, please don’t. I came here because you went to Brazil and you hired me, so I’m going to do what I think I have to do, “said the coach. “He didn’t say anything else. The next day I was fired,” Vanderlei said.

The helmsman admitted that he regrets the discussion with the president of Real Madrid. Today, Luxemburg said that she would have called Florentino to dinner and explained everything with a cooler head.

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Real Madrid: Luxemburg details heated argument with Florentino that led to his resignation