Real Madrid has a black hole without Benzema

ANDhe Real Madrid has two faces, one with Benzema and another without him. What was sensed in Elche, where Madrid went through the round in extra time and raising an extreme situation, had in Saint Mams an absolute confirmation.

Ancelotti played in San Mamés deprived of his center forward, an absence that is much more than that of a battering ram. Benzema marks so many things in Real Madrid’s way of playing that his absence is like removing a vital organ from a body without which life is possible, but much more costly and painful. because from Benzema , Madrid attacks in a way thanks to the enormous repertoire of solutions of the 9, but also with him on the field it is organized in a way, it comes out from behind in a way and defends from above with a structure that was not seen at any time in Saint Mams. When Casemiro, Kroos or Modric managed to overcome the Basque pressure, which rarely happened, they found themselves orphans of the one who is always there to support their departures.

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With evidence in hand, Benzema’s presence in Paris becomes a matter of state for Madrid. Seen the seen, imagine those of Ancelotti without Karim in the Parque de los Prncipes it is to tremble. Because the hole that is generated without the French in the way of playing in this Madrid is tremendous.

When looking for solutions, Ancelotti explained in San Mamés that the team lacks players like Benzema. It’s almost obvious, because he is a unique footballer. But in Bilbao a bleak panorama was drawn. With Marino injured, which is more normal than having him healthy, Luka Jović nor warm The Serbian was the starter in Elche, where he left such a cold and soulless performance that the substitution in San Mams was loaded with arguments.

With the score 0-0 and Athletic noticing that he was short of breath, Ancelotti did not make any attempt to take out Bale and Hazard. In theory there are two players with a goal, the ones who should have the most in the squad after Benzema. In practice two players of more than 100 million who do not even seem to be in the plans of Ancelotti even if it is to resort to them desperately. He said Carletto that his plan was to move the team in overtime, although he did not say how. I know that there are no punished and that the fair thing is to put Bale, Hazard and Jovic on the same plane as Ceballos or Vallejo.

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Faced with this lack of elements to maintain the usual skeleton, that of his 4-3-3, Ancelotti started from the idea of Asensio as false 9. Then put there a Rodrygo and finished with Isco. Nothing worked to create problems for the network that he organized Marcellin so that Madrid would spend more than three quarters of the game closer to Courtois than to Agirrezabala. Why didn’t he try it in that area with Hazard or Bale remains in the pipeline.

The future

Of that group of players there are four whose exit is taken for granted. Bale and Isco contract ends, while Hazard and Jovic have overcome the barrier of what someone who hopes to be in a World Cup can expect. If they do not come out, their presence in Qatar could be in serious doubt. The normal thing with Mariano would be for him to go out, but…

That draws a scenario in which Madrid must move in attack. He has good bullets at home with Vinicius, Rodryo and Asensio, but need more. For now, the sights are set only on mbpp, something that without being closed will be taken for granted. But Madrid needs more.

In that profile of the future, he must find a striker who lives in the shadow of Benzema, because lyons is indisputable and has earned the right that there is no debate around him, but that he is capable of giving rest to Karim without it being a drama or that their absences become a black hole through which titles go.

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Real Madrid has a black hole without Benzema