Real Madrid and Barcelona (and RFEF) against all: Decisive assembly to vote for ‘LaLiga Impulso’

1628704191 Real Madrid and Barcelona and RFEF against all Decisive assembly


08/11/2021 –

There are only a few hours left for what will be the hottest club assembly in five years. Only the one held in Villarreal, in June 2015 for TV rights, could be compared. On the table, the most important point on the agenda: explain and vote on the agreement with the CVC fund that will be given goes free LaLiga Impulse. An inexpensive injection of 2,700 million euros that is endorsed

by independent firms such as


and defended by law firms of the prestige of

Latham & Watkins


Ura Menndez

, which has the support (and need) of the vast majority of professional football clubs. It also has the

strongest opposition from Real Madrid and, later, from Barcelona

. Even if


it seemed

be convinced of the agreement and even asked to accelerate it

, but something changed and I ended up with


at PSG, Barcelona against and the new signings of the Barça club (except


) without being able to register for now before the start of the League.

Real Madrid and Barcelona and RFEF against all Decisive assembly

In addition, the


it also seems to be opposed, or abstained. However, it does not appear that, at the close of this article, more clubs have in mind to vote against. The


He was dissatisfied with some points of the cast, although it seems that he has already resolved those doubts.

To get ahead, LaLiga Impulso needs the

vote in favor of 32 of the 42 clubs

something that, despite being a secret vote, few presidents doubt will happen in view of their statements in recent days.

Judicial front

However, the concern beyond the Assembly and how tense it may be, reaches the fear of the presidents that Real Madrid will get some kind of

precautionary judicial measure

that paralyzes the agreements of the Assembly, or even prevents a vote. Or maybe Barcelona, ​​or even the RFEF, which despite not having a vote in the Club Assembly, can go and has been unmarked with a tough statement against

LaLiga Impulse

they never elaborated on the

Super league

, despite being

Luis rubiales

UEFA vice president. In fact, they are two of the three remaining partners in the

Super league

those who are against

LaLiga Impulse

, and that is where many have been surprised by the position of the RFEF.

1628704187 184 Real Madrid and Barcelona and RFEF against all Decisive assembly

There is also the inscription of the templates.

LaLiga Impulse

It is very far from being a short-term strategic agreement. It is, rather, quite the opposite: 70% of those 2,700 million goes to the best structural members of the clubs, but the reality is that the

15% that can be allocated to their squads is needed by seven clubs to register, immediately, their new signings

. Sevilla, Atltico de Madrid, Villarreal … they won’t have big problems, but some of them will have to work until August 31 to get their accounts done. In First, mainly: Betis, Levante and Valencia. But especially Barcelona: except for a last-minute blitzkrieg, which is profitable, it is almost impossible for him to sign up



Eric Garcia



for this first day.

Superliga, the other point of the day

How will you see the development of this Assembly that, despite starting at 10:30 a.m., the scheduled time for the president of LaLiga

Javier Tebas

offer explanations later is, at the very least, almost five hours later. With a single point on the agenda. The atmosphere promises to be tense, with a large majority of clubs wanting to move forward with the agreement with CVC for LaLiga Impulso, but with the fly behind the ear due to the fierce opposition of

Real Madrid, Barcelona

and, to a lesser extent, the RFEF. The other item on the agenda is the presentation of the expert report of


about the losses caused by the

European Super League

and the strategy to follow from now on.