Raúl Jiménez, with greater effectiveness on penalties than Ibrahimovic and Lampard

The Tri forward has an 87% efficiency from the penalty spot in his career, with 27 goals from 31 attempts

The Mexican striker, Raul Jimenez closed from eleven steps the victory of the Mexican team against El Salvador in the qualifying round heading to Qatar 2022, so, with the stamp of the house, the footballer increased his average of effectiveness from the stain penal.

Against this background, in ESPN Digital we present you what has been the effectiveness of Raúl Jiménez since the eleven steps.

Currently, the ‘Lobo de Tepeji’ has received after 10 years of his debut in the maximum circuit a total of 31 penalties, of which it has a very small margin of error, after he has only missed four penalties throughout his career.

Of the 31 collections, Raul Jimenez has converted a total of 27 shots from eleven steps, thus obtaining a high effectiveness with 87 percent, making him one of the benchmarks of the Mexican national team in the criminal charges.

With the America Raúl Jiménez charged five criminal, marking all the opportunities he had from the eleven steps. In Mexico the canterano de las Águilas had as his favorite client Rodolfo Cota, after scoring two penalties during his time at Puebla and Pachuca.

In his step with the whole of the BenficaHe only took five penalties, of which in all he capitalized on the shots from the eleven steps in a good way, having the club Vitória Setúbal FC, as his client, by scoring two of the five annotations from the penalty spot in Portugal.

With the set of Wolverhampton So far he has taken a total of ten penalties, of which he has managed to score eight, being the club with which he has the most goals, however, he has also failed twice.

As with your current club, Raul Jimenez has the same numbers from the eleven steps with the Mexican team, after he has taken a total of ten penalties with the tricolor team, of which he has only failed twice.

With 87 percent effectiveness, Raul Jimenez has a high percentage compared to some of the best debt collectors. penal, after currently outperforming Frank Lampard who returned throughout his career with 86 percent, as does Zlatan Ibrahimovic who currently has 84 percent effectiveness.

Currently, Raul Jimenez he is close to surpassing the percentage of elements such as Gabriel Batistuta, Dennis Bergkamp and Steven Gerrard, who have more than 89 percent of effectiveness from the eleven steps.