Ramos and Di María praise Keylor after shining with PSG

The former captain of Real Madrid and the current champion of America did not overlook the performance of the Tico vs. Metz

Not only the PSG highlights the Costa Rican stops, Keylor Navas with the French team, but his own teammates point out the excellent performance that the 33-year-old goalkeeper is having with the French team.

Yesterday, the Costa Rican had one of his magical nights in a long journey through football in Europe, made a stop that became viral, and now stands out among the most important players of the French team despite the bombastic hires of the French team, among the ones that stand out Gianluigi Donnarumma, substitute goalkeeper for PSG.

Given this, Sergio Ramos former captain of Real Madrid and one of his best friends told the Tico through his social networks the publication he made after the match against Metz.

“Thank God a victory to follow leaders! Allez Paris !!!”, the Costa Rican exposed in his social network of Instagram, “Very top brother … !! congratulations … !!”, he commented to him Sergio Ramos thereto.

Then Joel campbellThe Costa Rican national team also commented to the Costa Rican goalkeeper, like Ángel Di María, both used applause emojis, while the Rayados de Monterrey player dared with a silent face.

During the current season, Keylor Navas has played five matches of League 1, was also the star goalkeeper of the French team at the start of the season in the UEFA champions league.

With this result, 1 – 2 the PSG adds 21 points in seven checks processed, Keylor Navas has participated in five games of the French championship, while in the Champions League It was the goalkeeper who made the debut of the French team.

All the action of Keylor Navas in Ligue 1 and UEFA Champions League can be enjoyed through the Star + application.