Rambo de León kept Keylor Navas’s shirt and tells what he talked to the PSG goalkeeper – Diez – Diario Deportivo

Think about it … Rambo de Leon He was the protagonist last night in the Olympic Stadium in the game where Honduras tied against Costa Rica. The former national team player came to watch the game and took advantage of the end of it to go to greet his Costa Rican friends, including Keylor Navas.

The Rambo was attended by Navas with whom he chatted about the game and as a courtesy, the goalkeeper of the PSG of FranceHe gave him his shirt, the one he wore that night at the Olympic. De León is a character who is widely recognized for his brilliant career as a footballer.


“You have to make an effort, you have to continue supporting that things are going to turn out well,” Rambo began by saying in an amateur video that TVC uploaded when he left the corridors of the Olímpico after the talk he had with Keylor Navas after the game of the Bicolor.

Moments when Rambo de León was talking with Keylor Navas who gave him the shirt he wore at the Olímpico.

Julio took the opportunity to make a short analysis of the National Team and especially of the free kick made by Kervin Arriaga, one of his disciples and who admires him. What did the “missile” lack to be able to beat Navas last night at the Olympic? Rambo was very sincere.


“I have a lot of faith in Arriaga, the boy learned with great humility and he will continue to grow. What he lacked today (last night) was a bit of experience. Execution had to be faster. I just told Keylor that he ate it from experience because Navas wanted him to throw it wherever he went, ”said the great Julio César.

Regarding the level of the national team, he revealed: “We saw a team with a lot of desire, a lot of passion but we had a great Keylor Navas who took that impressive Arriaga shot, which happens that there Navas’ experience came to light,” said the former player of the Honduras National Team.

While giving his reaction, the Tico player from Monterrey de México, Joel Campbell, appeared in the corridor, who approached him to greet him. There de León took the opportunity to ask the Costa Rican striker for the shirt, who also gave it to him.