Rain of millions thanks to the Camp Nou

Joan Laporta arrived in March of last year Camp Nou and found himself in a more than worrying economic situation. Even, reversealready ex CEO of the entity, ensure that if the bara it would have been one Limited Company would be in a state of dissolution. The new directors got down to work and were aware that they could earn a lot from the sponsorship of the shirt and the Camp Nou and also once the works of the Space Bara, although to start them they need a credit of up to 1,500 million. Therefore, the stadium has become a huge source of income.

The economic news has taken on a lot of relevance in the Catalan entity. The agreement with spotify, which should be announced in the next few hours, will have an injection of 225 million euros that will include the sponsorship of the first team shirt and the Feminineas well as the training clothes and the name of the stadium for the next three seasons.

The titlerights of the azulgrana feud have achieved it, even before expected. In addition, of these 75 kilos per year, 20 would be more or less those that would refer to the name of the Camp Nou. This would mean overcoming Citywho until now was the one who received the most money with about 15 kilos for his sponsorship with etihad.

But it is not the only oxygen balloon that has had laporta. In the summer they granted him a loan of 595 million euros from Goldman Sachsto be repaid in ten years, same company with which the Barcelona negotiate the financing of ANDSpai Bara. We must not forget that the supporters gave the green light to the project in December and, consequently, to the negotiation of a loan of up to 1,500 kilos.

This is how Bara presents itself, the dream of Barcelona fans: The new Espai Bara with a new Camp NouFC Barcelona

Anyway, laporta and its board have not tired of repeating that the new stadium will allow extra, and necessary, income for the entity. The new fiefdom will cost around 900 million, but the leaders hope to recover the investment in the very short term. In fact, they want the project to be fully financed when the new Camp Nou is finished, since it will not begin to pay for another five years.

200 million revenue

The club has business plans that will allow them to earn more than 200 million euros for this space from 2026. A third would go to the repayment of the debt, while the rest would remain for the coffers. This figure would account for 24% of sponsorship and naming rights, another 24% in hospitality, 22% in ticketing and restaurants, 15% in visits and Museum and 15% in events.

The Space Bara will be completed with an investment in the new Palau of 420 million, which includes the Ice rink and the bus station, 100 kilos more would be spent on building the Bara Campus and urbanize the environment, 60 will go to General Metropolitan Plan and 20 to the Johan Cruyff.

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Rain of millions thanks to the Camp Nou