Rain of criticism of La Volpe for harsh sentence against Cardona and Riquelme

Ricardo La Volpe, world champion with Argentina in 1978 and also a former soccer coach, had a heated debate on ESPN’s F90 program, in which he launched a strong phrase against ‘hook’ type players like Edwin Cardona and Juan Román Riquelme , by ensuring that this class of footballers are not considered in their teams for being ‘slow’.

‘Does Cardona play with you?’ Was the question from Sebastián Vignolo, host of the program, which ignited the controversy on the recording set and caused multiple comments from fans on social networks, who expressed their disagreement with the statements he gave the former coach of the Mexico National Team, Boca Juniors, Toluca among others.

(Cardona) I’m not convinced by that style of player. In Mexico he never played, thank goodness I never had him. Some put it loose and others of a lying hitch. With me it is difficult for him to play because I consider that this kind of player does not play in this new football“La Volpe said.

And he added: “Riquelme didn’t play with me either. At the national level he was a phenomenon, he won everything, but I am looking for the ideal, and Riquelme is not … They are both great players, but in modern systems those players who do not run, do not touch it today, “he said.

What was said by the ‘mustache’ generated thousands of opinions among critics and fans, who did not accept the arguments of the former coach for not considering players with the quality of Riquelme or Cardona.

For example, Diego Latorre, also a panelist for ESPN, wrote on his Twitter account that “Lavolpe says ‘I don’t play with hook’, he believes that the tactic is made of chess pieces and not of soccer players. He believes that for a team works, the distribution of the players must be prioritized before the influence, concepts or hierarchy of those players. He talks about tactics in a vacuum, without proper names, as if football were computerized. his team to a footballer like Riquelme. Absolute nonsense. ”


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Rain of criticism of La Volpe for harsh sentence against Cardona and Riquelme