Qualifications of Cruz Azul after the victory against América

ESPN presents the notes that the Cruz Azul players obtained after 90 minutes against the staunch rival

With a remarkable performance by Orbelín Pineda, Roberto Alvarado and a great save by Jesús Corona, Cruz Azul beat América 2 to 1 on the field of the Azteca Stadium, in the Apertura 2021 edition of the Clásico Jóven.

ESPN presents the notes that the celestial players obtained after 90 minutes against the staunch rival azulcrema.

Jesus Corona (9)

The archer of the ‘Machine’ did not see a major shock during the first lap, thanks to the dominance of the ball and pressure that the team exerted on America. In the 1 to 1, Corona could do little before the failure in marking of Pablo Aguilar and the precision of Viñas with the head.

In addition, Corona saved the team from a comeback with a miraculous slap, after Miguel Layún hit from outside the area at 73 and his shot was sent to the base of the left post.

r931383 253x379 2 3 Juan Escobar (8)

The light blue side served as a piston on the right flank, handcuffed the offensive attempts of Sebastián Córdova and found no resistance in Jorge Sánchez to act as a winger during long periods of the duel.

Product of so much space and arrivals, the Paraguayan declined in the quality of his services and the duel ended with more errors than successes.

r931388 234x351 2 3 Pablo Aguilar (7.5)

As the sweetheart of ‘Cata’ Domínguez in the center of the defense, the Paraguayan defender played by heart with his teammate and impregnated this area of ​​the field with tranquility, as he stopped the attacks of Viñas and Córdova, however, in passing game he showed weakness and cost him a space that Viñas took advantage of to tie the duel at 54‘.

r931429 243x364 2 3 Julio César Domínguez (8)

The central defender, who returned to the Mexican National Team for the Concacaf Eliminatory towards Qatar 2022, showed experience in preventing the free movement of Federico Viñas through the center of the field and also played the ball with solvency to expand the dominance over America.

r931394 255x383 2 3 Ignacio Rivero (7.5)

Compared to Escobar, the versatile Uruguayan player maintained a position closer to his third of the field as a left backHowever, it also added depth to the ‘Machine’ attack down its lane. Similarly, he found no difficulty in stopping Antonio López and Miguel Layún.

r931396 254x381 2 3 Guillermo Fernandez (7)

In offensive work, the Argentine spent the duel unnoticed, although he collaborated with the team to keep the ball in his boots. It came out at 81 ‘for Walter Montoya.

r931402 247x371 2 3 Rafael Baca (7)

With discreet work, the cement containment approved in its position, however, it failed to provide the extra to impose its law on the field against Antonio López and Fernando Madrigal. He was replaced by Yoshimar Yotún at 62 ‘.

r931406 246x369 2 3 Luis Romo (7)

The midfielder, who usually acts as an engine room for the team, has not had a regular semester with the team and, against America, he presented imprecise lines for his teammates and his footfall within the area made no difference.

r931409 239x358 2 3 Orbelín Pineda (9)

The ‘Maguito’ showed one of his best versions of the semester with Cruz Azul and rose to the fore as the most unbalanced man on the team in front of the Azulcrema defense, who was repeatedly surprised by her speed and positioning to sneak between her players and endanger Guillermo Ochoa’s frame.

The importance of Pineda on the field reached until the last play of the duel, with a foray into the area that culminated in a shot blocked by Ochoa, but a sweep of Emanuel Aguilera to the ankle was valued as a penalty, which was converted by Jonathan Rodríguez.

r931413 253x379 2 3 Roberto Alvarado (9)

The coach Juan Reynoso dispensed with the ‘Piojo’ as a left-winger and placed him behind the center forward, which translated into a better version of the youth national team, which he collaborated with key passes on the edge of the area and found the door at 45 ‘+ 1, with a low shot to the base of the left post that disarmed Ochoa. He left at 62 ‘for Yoshimar Yotún.

r931415 248x373 2 3 Santiago Gimenez (7.5)

Cruz Azul’s new center forward maintains the level necessary to argue a greater number of minutes on the court, as he provides speed and positioning to receive balls and try to do his thing in front of the frame, however, the goal that crowns his performances has not yet arrived. He left at 90 ‘+ 1 for Joaquín Martínez.


Yoshimar Yotún (7)

Change entered at 62 ‘ and his presence brought balance to the worn-out cement midfield.

Jonathan Rodriguez (8.5)

As a revulsive to 62 ‘Jonathan Rodríguez presented speed and offensive positioning to shake the azulcrema defense. He closed the job with a goal from the penalty spot at 90 ‘+ 7, after taking advantage of an error by Bruno Valdez and giving the ball to Orbelín Pineda, who was knocked down inside the area by Emanuel Aguilera.

Walter Montoya (S / C)

He entered exchange at 81 ‘.

José Joaquín Martínez (S / C)

He entered 90 ‘.

Brayan Angulo (S / C)

He entered 90 ‘.


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Qualifications of Cruz Azul after the victory against América