Punch and uncollected penalty: the controversial play in River Plate’s triumph over Banfield

* The penalty that River was not charged

For that fragment of the game, when the second half was already averaging, River Plate was imposed on Banfield by the minimum but also suffered in his own area before some advances of the homeowner. The controversial maneuver within the area would have allowed him to adopt a bit of calm in the face of a tense game process with a completely open result.

What happened had as protagonists archer of Drill Facundo Altamirano and to defender of Millionaire Felipe Peña Biáfore after a corner that he executed Agustin Palavecino from the left. The ball found the outfield player’s head and the home goalkeeper was late, punching his rival in the head.

The 20-year-old youth, who played his fifth official game in the first for River, was lying on the ground for a few moments while the clock indicated more than 21 minutes of play in the second half, but the referee Yael Falcón Pérez did not elaborate on this maneuver. A mistake by the judge.

The action proposed by the archer in the The dispute showed a lack of distance and, instead of getting to dispute the ball, the hit is on the River player and due to the applied force it should be considered as an infraction figure. So Pérez should have penalized, in addition to having shown yellow card to the goalkeeper for the recklessness he proposed in the fight for the ball.

The match ended with a 1-0 victory for River (the solo leader of the championship) and with Peña Biáfore outside the field of play when extra time was played at Florencio Sola Stadium, yielding his position to Thomas Lecanda. Although no official information was known, the youth withdrew with a muscular discomfort.