Pumas celebrates its 60 years in the First Division with a patch on the shirt

The university team commemorates six decades since it ascended to the Maximum Circuit in the duel against Toluca

MEXICO — Pumas He turned 60 in the First Division on January 9, so he wore a special patch on his shirt against him. Toluca, to celebrate his arrival at the maximum circuit.

The left side of the men’s shirt Pumas he wore a patch, in which the number 60 is seen, in addition to the legend “anniversary ascent”, referring to the arrival of the university students to the First division.

It was expected that Pumas could celebrate its 60th anniversary on the Maximum Circuit on Sunday at the CU Olympic Stadium, but due to a Covid-19 outbreak in the Scarlet team, that match had to be postponed one day.

“A special detail in our jerseys today to commemorate 60 years in the First Division,” announced Pumas, on their social networks, along with the photo of the patch that goes on the shirt.

Those led by Andrés Lillini make their debut at the Clausura 2022, after surprising in the last tournament. The university students, who had an irregular season at the end of 2021, managed to reach the semifinals and hope to give a similar surprise in this tournament.

The feline team arrives amid criticism, because it was not reinforced and let players like Erik Lira, which is now part of the Blue Cross. No reinforcements are expected in the university, unless there is a good opportunity for the club, and again it will depend on the quarry to navigate in the Clausura 2022.

Pumas celebrates its 60 years in the First Division, against Toluca and without reinforcements.


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Pumas celebrates its 60 years in the First Division with a patch on the shirt