PSG secretly plays with discards

In the absence of a week until the market closes, PSG continues trying to speed up the exit operation. The Parisian outfit will try to retain Mbappé at all costs and at the same time could close the incorporation of Camavinga in the coming days, but for this he has to lighten the squad in a situation that, a priori, is anticipated very complicated given the financial situation that the transfer market is currently experiencing. As it is said in France, the French giant is trying to secretly place several members of the staff so as not to have problems with the inscriptions or for the quota of players.

Candidates to leave Paris include Kurzawa and Draxler. The former was one step away from signing for Olympique de Lyon, but the high salary of the left-back, receiving € 350,000 per month, they stopped their departure from the French capital. Kurzawa has no offers right now and for PSG keeping him would be a problem, since Diallo has taken over the starting position on the left wing and Bernat will play when he returns from injury.

Shield / Flag PSG

Regarding German, the situation is not far from Kurzawa’s. Although it seemed that Bayer Leverkusen could try to sign him, the club immediately denied the rumors that placed him at the extreme in the Bundesliga. His salary is an impediment for the rest of the clubs and several months ago renewed until 2024Therefore, getting him out of Paris is not, in principle, an easy operation for PSG.

Other players who are also on the starting ramp are Sarabia and Rafinha. Both the former Sevilla player and the former Barcelona player could leave PSG before the end of the market, but the problem remains that there is no, to date, no firm offer for both players as confirmed by AS. Sarabia has a good market in La Liga and Rafinha He also has a great poster in England and Spain for his past as a Celta player.

In any case, PSG, which has no obligation to sell, as it has already guaranteed the DNCG, the financial control of the clubs in France, which has sufficient solvency to mitigate losses, have to lighten the squad if you don’t want to have an unprecedented overbooking this season. Till the date, the club has only entered € 7 million for Bakker and Leonardo has to move to avoid problems with registrations both in Ligue 1 and in the Champions League.