PSG formalizes the offer to Messi and hopes to close it shortly

1628439551 PSG formalizes the offer to Messi and hopes to close

ANDl Pars Saint Germain has sent this Sunday morning, almost at the same time that Messi officially parted company with the Barça fans, the formal and written offer to face the signing of the Argentine 10.

Even if they had already had previous contacts in the last few months, the talks had stalled since Messi’s renewal agreement for Barcelona was taken for granted from all fronts.

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The CVC-LaLiga alliance, accepted in principle by Laporta, was the piece that adjusted the whole puzzle. But, incomprehensibly, the Barça president was persuaded by his Real Madrid counterpart, Florentino Prez, both his ‘boss’ and that of Agnelli as president of the failed but still alive Superliga, to renounce that LaLiga money even at the cost. to lose the best player in his history.

Shortly after Laporta communicated to Messi’s father that he could not keep his promise to renew at 10, and when the PSG leaders learned by MARCA of the sudden turn of the situation, contacted the player’s environment that same afternoon to rekindle interest.

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Since this morning, Messi’s lawyers are already analyzing the formal offer of the Parisian club. Both parties hope to be able to close an agreement shortly (mainly due to PSG’s rush to announce the signing), something that could be a reality in the coming days.

At the moment Messi is not scheduled to travel to Paris today, as had been rumored, but it is not ruled out that he will do so tomorrow, Monday or Tuesday, to sign and be presented in style.

In parallel, the Gauls are also working on the renewal of Mbapp, which would constitute a colossal coup. But this way does not seem so simple. Among other things because of the enormous difficulty it will be to meet UEFA’s financial fair play if several million-dollar player sales are not closed. Al-Kelaifi dreams of building a historic Dream Team … but Madrid also silently awaits a positive response from Mbapp to their insistent interest. Perhaps this “s” may even be due to PSG’s need to transfer players to lower their salary mass.

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If finally Mbapp leaves PSG and stops at Madrid, the great goal that Florentino would have scored against the president of Barcelona will be historic: convinces Laporta to give up LaLiga money, causes him to let Messi escape and manages to sign Mbapp.

A great goal that the Blaugrana fans are beginning to see, with pain and disbelief, as certainly feasible.