PSG ‘avoids’ Real Madrid to congratulate Mbappé

Paris Saint-Germain applied all his knowledge of semiotics on social networks, branch of social sciences that is dedicated to the study of signs in social life as defined by the RAE. The Parisian team wants to break the ‘Mbappé-Real Madrid’ association in all fields. In the transfer market, but also in networks where many things are interpreted as ‘gestures’ or ‘winks’ given the importance of the image today.

The whole of the Parque de los Príncipes knows the game and did not hesitate to prevent Real Madrid from sneaking into the photo in which they congratulated Mbappé. How is’ cheating detected? Because one of the photos that the French team shared on the networks is practically from the same moment and is taken from a very similar angle. In it if a Real Madrid flag is sneaked in, but not in the one that PSG shared.

As can be seen in the images before this paragraph, the moment in which they are captured is practically the same. Mbappé, who was decisive with a controversial goal that earned France victory, celebrates his second title with ‘Les Bleus’ smiling and with his arms raised. Now, in this image you can see in the upper left corner a Real Madrid flag that a fan had placed in the stands of San Siro. Mbappé just dressed in white and next to the Madrid club’s crest was such an ‘iconic’ image about the future that they want so much in La Castellana that PSG did everything to avoid it.

In the social networks of Paris Saint-Germain, Mbappé appears celebrating with the same pose, practically at the same moment, but avoiding the appearance of the Real Madrid flag in the image. The photo is more ‘zoomed in’ and focuses much more on the protagonist, since the background is barely visible. For PSG it was France and nothing else.

What did Mbappé do with the images?

Having in his possession both photos, Mbappé had in his hands the decision of whether or not to send some kind of veiled message through his Instagram. The French decided to be politically correct. To his feed he uploaded an image kissing the Nations League trophy and in his ‘stories’ he shared both congratulations without leaving room for any speculation about his future for this reason.