Principle of Messi’s agreement with PSG to renew his contract

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The player has given the OK to prolong his relationship with the French entity

It is the only offer that the Argentine has received since Barça has not carried out any approach

Leo Messi and PSG have reached an agreement in principle to extend his contract. As Le Parisien has advanced, and confirmed by SPORT, the two parties decisively advanced their negotiations during the World Cup in Qatar. During the tournament, there was a a decisive meeting in Doha between Jorge Messi, player’s agent and father, with Nasser Al Khelaifipresident of PSG, in which the bases of the new agreement were endorsed.

Three months ago it was Luis Campos, sports director, who began the conversations with Jorge Messi and the player’s environment to propose the option to continue. At the beginning of December, the two parties were almost in agreement but there were still some aspects to be closed that were just outlined at the meeting in Doha. ANDThe agreement could be closed and signed upon Leo Messi’s return from his post-World Cup vacation. The agreement could be for one season plus an optional one.

Principle of Messis agreement with PSG to renew his contract

Nasser al-Khelaifi


Leo Messi ends his contract with PSG on June 30, 2023 and he was free. However, the player’s desire is to continue tied to the French entity and for this reason he is in a position to accept the offer that he has presented to him. Really It is the only offer he has received since Barcelona has not made any move in this regard.

Barcelona, ​​according to Joan Laporta, wanted to try to ‘re-sign’ Leo Messi, but he will be left with the desire because the Argentine will continue wearing the PSG shirt during the next season. The Barça president wanted to hold a face-to-face with Leo to iron out the rough edges after his abrupt departure and present him with an offer that he, he understood, he could assume. However, Messi seems to have definitively closed the door of FC Barcelona after the club threw him out of the entity, which he joined at the age of 13, alleging that the salary mass was very high and had to be lowered with his departure. . Messi did not receive any offer from Barcelona either in the summer of 2021 or now and PSG has reacted on both occasions by showing more speed and with more real interest.

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Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona

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Laporta himself had designed a plan to execute Messi’s return, an idea that remains in borage water after Messi’s decision to continue at PSG. The player spent a difficult first season at the French club but in this second he is finding the right habitat to develop his game. He has reached a high level this year that has been confirmed at the World Cup in Qatar where he has been named the MVP of the tournament, an award that leaves him in a privileged position to win the Ballon d’Or again. The eighth.

Leo Messi left FC Barcelona a year and a half ago and since then the Barça club has not won a title.

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Principle of Messi’s agreement with PSG to renew his contract