Praise Madrid is missing

It has been a long time since the Real Madrid is fought with the goal. His scoring average these last two seasons is well below his historical figures. Without Christian, and with Benzema as the only reference and scorer, the team has suffered on the offensive side. One of the weapons that the team has lost are free-kick goals. They are never an important percentage of the total, but they help

and they are key to unblocking matches.

It was an almost Christian preserve

since 61.8% of the launches bore his signature

(444 of and 33 goals scored)

. Then there was Bale, 70 shots and four goals and the last one is Ramos, with two goals in 27 shots. Madrid are looking to improve in that facet and can do it with Alaba.

With Ramos at PSG,


Christian and without Bale



He already took a step forward last season with Ramos’ injury because to date he only threw 0.41% of the team’s fouls. This season, Alaba therefore comes to a team in which free kicks do not have a clear owner. And there is no doubt that the former player of the


has reason to apply. He has already shown in several trainings in


that his strike with the left from the front invites optimism. For this campaign, there will therefore be the following candidates:


, who was one of the specialists and who returns to the team after the transfer to


The problem is that in his last years in the white club he has not had regularity and it will be necessary to see if he is able to regain a place in the eleven with


Benzema, who took the last fouls in the final stretch of the season due to the absence of Ramos due to injury, Alaba and also


has tried his luck on occasion.

The reality is that Madrid is not experiencing its best moment in this art.

Without the Portuguese, the whites have scored

four free-kick goals in 66 shots (Isco to Roma, in eight attempts, Ceballos to Betis, in his only shot, Ramos to Mallorca, in eleven attempts, and Kroos to Bara in four attempts)

. Bale did not score any in fifteen,

Benzema and Asensio

not in seven attempts and


in six he also saw no door. They are the ones that have released the most without CR7. Praise is coming to change the trend. And the truth is that

at Bayern he has shown that he can do it

And he’s been a top pitcher for six seasons now.

He has scored 10 free kicks in 124 attempts.

The past campaign went blank on seven pitches and

his best average is 14-15 with three goals from 12 shots.

Another three scored at 16-17, and two at 13-14 and 19-20.

Praise marks therefore every 12.4 attempts,

while Cristiano did it every 13.4 attempts. Bale, meanwhile, every 17.5.

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