Portugal got complicated and Germany won 9-0: the best of the UEFA Qualifiers

The Qualifiers of the UEFA heading to Qatar World Cup They are coming to an end and the outlook for some areas is still unclear in the absence of an end date. This Thursday there was action in some groups, but all eyes were on zones A and B that lead Portugal and Spain. What’s more, Germany, already classified, crushed 9-0 to Liechtenstein.

It is worth remembering that in these classifications the winner of each group will get a direct ticket to the 2022 contest, while those who remain second will play a playoff.

On the date of this Thursday, Portugal matched with Ireland 0-0 and was at the top of zone A with 17 points, the same amount as Serbia but with a better goal difference. Precisely those two selected will collide next Sunday at the close of the Playoffs. A true finale. The combined of Cristiano Ronaldo he squandered the chance of having made a bigger difference, to reach that compromise more easily, but he could not overcome a weak green team and also suffered the expulsion of Pepe, one of his fundamental pieces.

For its part, in Group B Spain met expectations and beat 1-0 Greece for the goal of Pablo Sarabia penalty and climbed to the top of his zone, one point above Sweden. The Scandinavian team, which featured the expected return of Zlatan Ibrahimovic they lost 2-0 to Georgia, in the big hit of the day. On Sunday, they will be measured in a kind of final in Seville and whoever wins will get the ticket to the World Cup, while the loser will go to the playoffs.

The great win of the day was Germany’s 9-0 against Liechtenstein, which is already qualified for Qatar 2022. Müller, on two occasions, Heal, on two occasions, Gundogan, Reus, Baku, Kaufmann, against, and Goppel, also against, scored the goals.

But the most exciting definition of Group J is the fight for second place. Macedonia gave the surprise by thrashing 5-0 to Armenia and was second with 15 points, one above Romania, which could not overcome Iceland and drew 0-0. On Sunday, Macedonia will receive Iceland and Romania will visit the weak Liechtenstein.

Finally, in Group H, Russia remains ahead of all with 22 points after reaping a 6-0 win against Cyprus, two units ahead of Croatia, which crushed 7-1 to malt. Both will play on Sunday in another stellar clash that will mark their destinies.


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Portugal got complicated and Germany won 9-0: the best of the UEFA Qualifiers