Players for whom América and Chivas ‘shed’ tears prior to the Clásico

ESPN presents five former players from América and Chivas who are going through a good time with their respective teams

The National Classic means more than the three points, and it is that America and Chivas play the pride of their cities and hobbies, however, so far this year they have shed players that today are a reality in other teams and even in other leagues around the world. In addition, they miss elements that passed through their ranks that have an important present.

Players like Javier Eduardo ‘Chofis’ López, Haret ortega or Alan Pulido had a promising start to the year and remain at a good level, so they join a list of elements that can help both América and Chivas in this National Classic.

The midfielder is on loan to the San Jose Earthquakes of the MLS, which ends in December of this year; However, his 10 annotations in the current campaign have him as the best player in the Californian team and one of the most outstanding in the American league.

What’s more, adds more goals than all Chivas forwards together so far this Apertura 2021, because without a doubt he was reunited with his best level, the same that he showed in his beginnings with the Guadalajara team. In case the ‘Chofis’ continued in the Chivas, it could be another of the weapons to the front.

The Mexican defender is another of the players who is out of Chivas on loan condition, which also expires on December 31 of this year. Although the Guadalajara team is not one of the worst defensively, having Alanís’ experience could mean one more weapon on the bench and could even help the attack a bit due to his good passing game.

The striker of Sporting Kansas City of the MLS has 8 goals in 19 games he has played this season, which means the same amount as the rojiblancos forwards, so its inclusion in the Guadalajara team could be beneficial if they had not sold it in January 2020 for almost 10 million dollars.

The central defender left America on loan with Toluca for July 2020, however, his good level caused the Devils to buy him and take 100 percent of his letter. Today the 21-year-old is one of the best in his position and has already shown that he knows how to do well in the offensive air game, this after he scored two goals against América last matchday.

It is somewhat obvious to say that the ‘Machín’ does not see his return to Mexican football, however, the Ajax midfielder lives one of the best moments in his career; He is the undisputed starter in the European team and his level is superlative, so his departure from the Eagles is one of those that has hurt the most in recent times.