Player renewals have become a headache for Cruz Azul

The cement board is going through a difficult time in negotiations with many of its players

TO Blue Cross they are slipping away players like water between the fingers.

The cement board is going through a difficult time in the talks with many of its players, since despite his desire to renew several in the template, has encountered several obstacles to do so.

In recent months, La Machine Celeste has seen how many of its assets have left without leaving income to the club because they did not renew their contract, either because the board was not interested – in which case, they did not manage to sell to said footballer to another team before seeing him go free-, or because the players simply did not want to continue.

Orbelín Pineda refused to renew despite multiple attempts to Blue Cross and he goes free to Celta de Vigo, a team with which he will report after the New Year.

With Yoshimar Yotún never came close to a renewal agreement and ultimately the board was not interested in keeping the player. From Walter montoya Only the days were counted until he was released because of his high salary and intermittent performance, an analysis similar to that made by the board with the Peruvian Yotún.

Considered one of the promises of the celestial quarry in 2020, Josué Reyes He faded away and the coaching staff lost the confidence, first of Robert Siboldi and then Juan Reynoso, and he practically did not play the last three tournaments, which is why he also leaves in this winter market as a free player.

“In Blue Cross The times of ‘Billy’ Álvarez are over, when there was a budget of millions and millions to pay very high salaries and bring foreign players every six months doing business. Today the club has to restructure and that begins by investing in an intelligent way, “a source told ESPN.

However, Pineda, Yotún, Montoya and Reyes did not leave a single peso to the club in a possible transaction with another team and now the board faces similar problems with ‘Pol’ Fernández, Adrián Aldrete, Pablo Aguilar and Bryan Angulo, whom They have 6 more months left on their contract and none are close to completing a renewal, much less a sale in this winter market.

As if that were not enough, two other essential assets for Blue Cross as they are Luis Romo Y Jonathan Rodriguez They have decided not to renew with the celestial team, when each one has a year and a week left on their contract, that is, until December 31, 2022.

Sources close to Romo and the ‘Cabecita’ confirmed to ESPN that both players want to try their luck abroad, Luis in Europe and Jonathan in the MLS, with which the board would have to finalize the sale of both in this winter window to recover a Part of the original investment: $ 5 million with Romo (cost $ 7 million) and $ 7 or $ 8 million with Rodríguez (cost $ 12 million).

In all scenarios, that ‘era’ team that was visualized after conquering the ninth star on May 30, will now have to seek to consolidate next year with a very different squad from 2021.


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Player renewals have become a headache for Cruz Azul