Planning over low heat

1625754682 Planning over low heat

The summer, which began on June 21, it will be very long for Real Madrid. The board of directors, with the CEO Jose Angel Sanchez leading and supervising Florentine Perez, is working on propping up the squad for next season. The problem is that there is a lot to do and some of the tasks are not easy. Everything points to that, Until the last days of the transfer market (ends on August 31) the squad will not be closed for the 2021/2022 season.

The first thing will be to address the exits, which are divided into sales and assignments. “We now have 35 players and we can only enroll 25. We have a great job ahead of us. For example, giving in to some who are not of an age to perform at the highest level ”, Florentino commented in his interview in El Transistor. As for transfers, it is expected to find accommodation for some players whose stage in Madrid has come to an end. It is the case of Mariano or Isco, which will be very difficult to follow. The club wants to release the salary mass and, if possible, get some revenue from its sales, although in some cases it will facilitate negotiations to find solutions. We will have to closely follow the situations of footballers such as Jovic or Ceballos, whose future will depend on what Ancelotti decides during the preseason. The last one will go to the Games Olympics, so your case could be decided as early as August.

Regarding the loans, Madrid has in the squad with almost a dozen players aged 21 or under. With those who rise from the Castile, They will only be released if the interested team ensures minutes for the player and it is an attractive project, in addition to financial compensation for the loan. If these requirements are not met, they will stay and mix the subsidiary with the first team. It is the case of Michael Gutierrez, Arribas or Marvin. Regarding those who must return, Kubo Y Brahim, both cases will be analyzed in a personalized way. The second may be the first to be resolved, while the first is in the same situation as Ceballos, with the Games as the main obstacle to solving their future.

Tickets and renewals

As the departures take shape, Madrid will free up space for possible incorporations. A summer of many signings is not expected, but those who come will be top-notch. It has arrived Praise, although his situation (was free) forced to anticipate the incorporation. The main objective is Mbappe and steps are being taken to make it possible to bring it this summer. However, At the club, they count on PSG to rush their options to renew him until the end and that it will not be until the end of August when an offensive can be carried out for his signing. The rest of the purchases will always depend on the needs of the squad, but the club for the moment is reluctant to dive into the market for new players.

All this, with the renovations in the background. Madrid has seven players who end their contract in 2022, after this Thursday Nacho has extended one more season. There will be no problems with some of them like Carvajal or Benzema. Others, for their part, aim to leave once it is finished, such as Marcelo or Isco (if you don’t go before). However, there is one in particular, Varane, whose continuity is now more in doubt than ever. In the case of the French, the situation has not just been clarified and some great of Europe They want to take advantage of it to take it to this market at a bargain price. The club would not frown upon him leaving and being able to get a good amount for him.

There are many fronts open for two months of market. Taking into account that until before the end of the Eurocup (July 11) It will not be possible to make too many movements, the white club is obliged to accelerate the efforts since then to, in a month and a half, make a balanced team that is capable of competing for all the titles. It will not be easy…