Pjanic dreams of returning to Juve: “I would like so much …”

Miralem Pjanic sighs with returning to Juventus and admits it publicly without qualms. In a post on Instagram of a Juventus fan account, named ‘Curvas Juventus 1987’, Pjanic appeared on the scene to respond to a member of the Turin club who encouraged the midfielder to return to Juventus, throwing a question into the air, “Mirem, are you coming back?” His answer, including a photo, was as clear as it was forceful: “I would like it so much … but I don’t know if it will be done.”

Thus, Pjanic confirmed that he is trying to find a way out to the Turin club, either in the form of a loan or a transfer, but he also noted the difficulties he was encountering to close the deal. What’s more, In the shared image, in black and white, Juventus colors, by the way, he placed a piano that provoked the response of two of his teammates, Rey Manaj and Riqui Puig. The Albanian called him “phenomenon”, while the Spanish responded with an enigmatic “piano, piano (calmly in Italian)” that could be a sign of support for the dream to come true bianconero by Pjanic.

What is clear is that the Bosnian midfielder still has a few hours left to find a solution, aware that if he plays for FC Barcelona he will have very few minutes, since players like Pedri, Sergio Busquets, Sergi Roberto and even Nico González are ahead of him.

His case is very different from that of Samuel Umtiti, since Pjanic at least is putting all the facilities, existing and to be, to leave the club and thus reduce both the payroll of footballers in the squad and the salary mass. Another thing is that the club can finally find a destination for him, since Its high record, almost 12 million euros gross, greatly complicates any operation.

Too the possibility of a loan to Fiorentina was considered, which ended up being frustratedTherefore, the club and the player continue to work against the clock to find a way out that will satisfy all parties.