‘Piojo’ Alvarado, the brain of ‘Tata’ Martino in Mexican Selection

In the environment of the Mexican National Team, they consider the Cruz Azul striker as a tactically intelligent footballer, who has surrendered to the national team

‘Louse’ Alvarado has earned the trust of Gerardo Martino for his tactical intelligence And according to information from the Mexican National Team, the Cruz Azul player, who comes from showing off individually with a Hat Trick on Date 17 of the 2021 Opening, is one of the players who has performed the most during the Argentine strategist’s process.

Roberto Alvarado has been a favorite of ‘Tata’ Martino And although there was a stage where he was not called, over time he has become an essential in the calls of the national coach.

Alvarado, who is only 23 years old, debuted at the age of 20 in the interim of ‘Tuca’ Ferretti with the Mexican team, in 2018.

“He is a player with a very good disposition, and intelligence to detect the tactics that the coach has available,” they pointed out to ESPN Digital from inside the Tri.

Roberto Alvarado He is very intelligent, because just as he understands well what the ‘Tata ‘Martino on the field of play, he reflects it on the court, in such a way that the tricolor’s coaching staff is very happy.

“He must be the player who has performed the most for this team,” emphasized the source.

And it is that, there is consciousness in the Mexican team that both as a winger on the left, as a midfielder, or playing as one more striker who arrives by surprise, he has totally won the confidence of the national coach.

“There must be very few lefties that stand out like him, playing on the left, and going inside.”

In El Tri they consider that Alvarado, who was observed by viewers from the Netherlands and Belgium in the recent Cruz Azul match in Ciudad Universitaria, has increased his football level in recent months, largely due to his arrival at the team he directs Gerardo Martino.

“The football growth of a player always depends on the coach who gives him the confidence to play and develop the game where he can most excel, or make his conditions shine,” it was stated from the Mexican team.


To the date, Roberto Alvarado has played 23 games with the Mexican team, of which 20 have been in the management of Gerardo Martino.

It should also be noted that Alvarado has three annotations with El Tri and all has nailed them with El ‘Tata’.

The current Cruzazulino and former player of Celaya, Pachuca and Necaxa, was in all the Gold Cup matches that Mexico won against the United States in 2019, already with the technical direction of Martino.

Recently, the ‘Tata’ He let him comply with the Olympic Selection process and after winning the bronze medal under the orders of Jaime Lozano, Roberto Alvarado He returned to the senior team and today he watches weapons with Mexico in Indianapolis to face the United States on Friday, in another edition of the Concacaf Classic, this time for the World Cup qualifying rounds.


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‘Piojo’ Alvarado, the brain of ‘Tata’ Martino in Mexican Selection