Peru vs Uruguay, controversy | The truth about the goal that Anderson Daronco did not score, what the FPF claimed and what Conmebol told him | Qatar 2022 Qualifying | SPORT-TOTAL

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Of all the irreproducible epithets, rudeness and aggressive evocations to the entire family tree of the Brazilian judge , is perhaps the meme that uses his bodybuilder biceps the only one that makes you laugh. That lowers the temperature. What lands Because claiming a man like that is scary.

In the FPF, however, they do not look at social networks or understand that the discussion is going to be won by likes. Almost at the same time that Christian Ramos entered the field to try to get Daronco to review the VAR in situ, or that Aldo Corzo shouted with all his might for the fourth judge to pay attention to him or that even defender Alexander Callens said on camera —and with the evident fever of being at 200 km/h— that this “was a robbery”, the president of the FPF Agustín Lozano contacted the Brazilian Wilson Seneme, who has chaired the Conmebol Referees Commission since 2016 and is in charge of the VAR at a continental level, to understand, unofficially, what had happened. And thus be able to talk with the technical command of the selection to have a final version. It was 9 and something at night.

According to Total Sport first-hand, Seneme was forceful in his response. “His explanations of him -explains our source- suggest that the VAR videos determine that it was not a goal”.

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The FPF obtained a previous video, around 10:30 at night, in which this information is confirmed. Then, on its YouTube account, Conmebol published this compilation, which has the same explanation:

Audio VAR in Peru vs Uruguay Conmebol revealed video arbitration

What other management did the Peruvian authorities? They asked Seneme that this Friday, as soon as possible, all the audios and all the images that come from all the cameras installed in the Centenario Stadium for the match were finally published, it was for Uruguay 1-0 over Peru and their subsequent classification to the world cup Qatar 2022.

As you remember, and it should be remembered, the VAR is used in these situations:

Goal: potential situations of infringement of the laws of the game are reviewed, such as offsides, fouls, hands or other situations that can be considered as fouls.

Penalty: it is reviewed if the decision to sanction or not the collection of a maximum penalty has been taken correctly. The play is studied even before entering the area.

Direct red card: it is verified if the expulsion of a player has been correct or not. This does not apply in the case of a yellow card.

Player identity: Sometimes, due to confusing the identity of a footballer, a referee can show a card to a player who has not been the protagonist of an infraction. In that case, the VAR comes into play and warns the referee that he made a mistake.

Ricardo Gareca’s technical command is aware of this information and would have been brief in his dialogue with the president of the FPF, once the match against the Uruguayans had ended. “Do what you see fit.” Those who know him know that that face, that tone, belongs to someone who is already thinking about the next game. On Tuesday, to make history, against Paraguay in Lima from 6:30 pm



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Peru vs Uruguay, controversy | The truth about the goal that Anderson Daronco did not score, what the FPF claimed and what Conmebol told him | Qatar 2022 Qualifying | SPORT-TOTAL