Pedro Troglio names the rival to beat in the Apertura tournament, the reinforcements that will come and the classification of the Sub-20


The Olympia prepares to seek to raise the champion crown again in the next opening tournament and for that he will travel to a friendly tour to the United States.

The technician of the meringues, Peter Trogliowas a little concerned at not being able to count on his entire squad during these days in North America where they will have six commitments.

“A stage of friendlies is coming, but it’s a shame that we cannot take some players because of the issue of visas, it is a long tour of more than 20 days and they have to stay here. That is not healthy and those who travel are good for football for the championship “

And he added: “Most of the young people and the older ones, which is for reasons known as: Paz, Nunez, Moya, they can’t travel because they don’t have a visa yet. The only young man who does is Dimitri and the others don’t”.

“I am satisfied with what I have, the only case that we had already discussed was the possibility of a left back and “Mango” Sánchez arrived, but if the club is moving for one more possibility, I do not despair, I am calm. I count on this campus, but if someone arrives, they are welcome”.

Pedro Troglio names the rival to beat in the Apertura tournament, the reinforcements that will come and the classification of the Sub-20


“They are friendlies, but it would be the biggest confusion to take them as friendlies, I think they are international games and they have to be played as finals. We must adapt to international competition and play a great role in front of our people who will come to see us”.


“I found a team with a much stronger squad than the four-time champion, we added Boniek García, Brayan Moya, Michaell Chirinos who was injured, as well as Núñez, Casildo, Yan Maciel, Montes. As a campus it is reinforced”.

He also adds: “I’m not saying it’s better because they gave me the tetra and I can’t be ungrateful to the others, but if I analyze the names I gave, they enhance the squad I had.”


“Josman, we have worked on it in the defensive phase because of the doubts that we have in the defensive phase and on this tour we are going to put it there. Unless they tell me that Messi is there and they want to bring him, there would be no problem”, he says jokingly.


“I have known Mango Sánchez and Juan Pablo for three years, having competed with them, I know the kind of players they are and they have adapted to the squad. Maciel hadn’t seen much of it, but I saw the videos and I was surprised. He is a player with a lot of technique, clarity to play, but he will compete in a place where there are players like Jorge Álvarez, Boniek García, a difficult competition for the coach”.


“The election has proved the coach right, he played it and if it went wrong the critics ate him up, but it went well and he qualified for the World Cup. The coach perhaps sensed that he was going to play in San Pedro Sula and opted for players who were used to that climate. The technicians when they do things is not to harm anyone, but to make it go well”.

He also highlights: “The boys have surprised, yesterday they have pulled through a game that was complicated and have qualified for a World Cup that is no small thing. I’m happy for Honduras, which clearly suits them.”


“The rival to beat is always the last champion and in that case Motagua came out, but I am not going to say that Olimpia starts in the background either, Olimpia always has to win, Motagua, Real España, Marathón, are the obligations and Vida was armed to win. There is no team that is superior to another and it was shown that you can be, but it is not so easy to become champion”.


“When I came here, it had been eight tournaments since I won and after we won four they told me: “and with the players you have”, but it is not easy and it was shown that it is not because all the squads have been strengthened”.


“Honduran soccer from when I arrived until now, I see it very changed, very difficult, I hope this is like this and that we can win it.”


“The case of Eddie Hernández, Jhonny Leveron, Javier Portillo and those who have left, are players who have given me a lot, but I was not there last semester and there are decisions that are due to the last thing that happened. It is clear that if I had arrived and they were on campus, capable and they would have continued. There are decisions that I must respect, I am grateful to these players that I named because they gave me a lot of joy”, concluded the Argentine coach.

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Pedro Troglio names the rival to beat in the Apertura tournament, the reinforcements that will come and the classification of the Sub-20