Pedri rubs shoulders with the greats

Pedri is making history. The Canarian, in his second season in the top category, is already being compared to the great world leaders in the midfield. And he is not an exaggeration. He surpasses some of the best midfielders in recent history and comes very close to others. Without a doubt, he is on his way to marking a before and after in the Camp Nou and in football.

Zidane, Iniesta, Valern, Xavi, Pirlo, De Bruyne, Ronaldinho, Modric, Laudrup and David Silva are great references and their numbers in their beginnings are not far from those of Pedri or even below. We must not forget that the Canarian has missed a large part of the competition this season due to injuries and has been continuing since January. In addition, there are still nine games left of The league plus at least two of Europe League. Therefore, their statistics at the end of the course could be even better.

He is a superlative player. He makes a difference. It’s a sight to see him play


“He is a superlative player. He makes a difference. It is a spectacle to watch him play. And he is only 19 years old. I am not surprised. He has no comparison. Everything he gives us is wonderful. He is a leader,” he said of him Xavi after the match against Seville.

But, as of today, Pedri He has played 71 games in all competitions. overcome the beginnings of Modric, Pirlo, Xavi, Iniesta and Zidane. And, before the end of the season, and if injuries respect him, he has many numbers to also have better records than Laudrupwhich added 72 games his first two seasons, DeBruynewho disputed 75, and Valernthat I treasure 77. More complicated are the 82 commitments of Ronaldhino and, impossible, the 89 of David Silva.

Xavi: “Pedri reminds me of Iniesta, I haven’t seen many talents like that”

Go for Ronaldinho

As for titles, only four footballers have lifted a trophy. Pedri was last season champion of Cup and could finish this course raising the Europe League. The azulgranas have high hopes for European competition. He also achieved two tournaments Ronaldinho, the Gacho Championship and Copa Sul. Xavi and De Bruyne they enjoyed success in their first two years. The Catalan won a league with him Barcelona in 98-99, although with much less prominence in the team that he now has Pedriand the Belgian also won the regular tournament at 10-11 with the Genk.

In the chapter of goals, Pedri has been 9 since he arrived at Barcelona. This season, Xavi He has asked him to dare to shoot more and his statistics are increasing. At the moment, it exceeds the numbers that had Zidane, Iniesta, Valern, Xavi, Pirlo or De Bruyne, but it is far from the records of Modric, Silva, Ronaldinho or the 31 points of Laudrup. In terms of assists, the footballer of the Citywho achieved 20 in his first two courses.

Only Laudrup was earlier

Pedri debut with the National Team on March 25, 2021. He was only 18 years old. But Laudrup even premiere with less age. The Dane jumped onto the pitch in his country’s jersey on the day he came of age. Those, Pedri is a pillar for Luis Enrique. He has already played 19 games and was very important last year in the European Championship and at the Olympic Games. In fact, he didn’t get a summer break because of both dates. DeBruyne and Ronaldinho they were also quoted with their mixes before the age of 20.

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Pedri rubs shoulders with the greats