Panorama of the Liguilla and the playoffs for the Apertura 2021

America maintains the first place of the Apertura 2021; Xolos and Querétaro are already eliminated, while Chivas put their playoff pass at risk

With the direct qualification to Liguilla and the only team at the moment with said ticket in his pocket, America stumbled 2 to 1 against Cruz Azul, who returned to victory after three tied games and aspires to a place among the first four teams of the tournament, as it is located a place below with 25 points, two pending games, and ahead are Toluca (24), Tigers (25) and Atlas (26), all with a duel to dispute.

At the other end of the table, Tijuana aims to be the general sotanero and the only team that exhausted its mathematical possibilities to aspire to the playoffs, since it adds 12 points after 16 dates and the ribbon marks it Chivas with 19 units, with three points left to play.

It is worth mentioning that the Flock ‘received help’ from Monterrey to remain in the twelfth step, as they tied one goal with Atlético de San Luis, which is thirteenth in the table with 18 points and stalks the rojiblanco club.

In addition to Cruz Azul, the teams with two duels remaining and have the opportunity to be better in the standings or reach a place in the repechage are Lion (6th), Santos Laguna (9 °), Cougars (14 °) and Pachuca (15 °).

ESPN presents the panorama of each team in the MX League and the opportunities they have to access the Liguilla or playoffs, depending on their situation.

America (34 points, aspires to 37)

The azulcrema club lost the Clásico Jóven 2 to 1 against Cruz Azul, however, its first place is not in danger and will close at home against Monterrey, the team that beat it during the week in the final of the Concacaf Champions League.

Atlas (26 points, aspires to 29)

With a guaranteed place in the play-off, the Rojinegros fell to Tijuana on Thursday and left their direct ticket to Liguilla at risk, as they can lose it in case they do not add against Querétaro and Tigres beat FC Juárez, Toluca dispatch to Puebla and Cruz Azul or León add more than 26 points, with two games pending.

Tigers (25 points, aspires to 28)

The felines prevailed against Chivas 2 to 1, they climbed to third place overall, they secured a play-off and the last rival to know their final position in the table is FC Juárez.

Toluca (24 points, aspires to 27)

Despite the fact that they add eight duels without victory, the Red Devils remain within the four teams with a direct ticket to Liguilla and their last customs office will be Puebla, eighth in the table with 21 points.

Cruz Azul (23 points, aspires to 29)

With the 2 to 1 victory against América, the ‘Machine’ entered the fight for a place among the best four teams of the semester, as it has two pending games, against León and Pumas.

León (23 points, aspires to 29)

The ‘Fiera’ drew goalless against Toluca and missed vitally important points in the race to conclude the regular phase of the tournament within the area that Liguilla grants directly, as Cruz Azul beat América, matched it in points, and both teams will meet at midweek.

Monterrey (21 points, aspirra to 24)

Rayados equaled a goal against Atlético de San Luis, they added their fifth game without victory and practically said goodbye to the possibility that makes them conclude within the first quartet of clubs in the table, so they should think about obtaining the play-off duel as a local.

Puebla (21 points, aspires to 24)

The ‘Strip’ beat FC Juárez 2 to 0 and, although their direct ticket options were reduced to a minimum, they have in their hands, against Toluca, their destiny in the semester.

Santos (20 points, aspires to 26)

The Warriors have two duels ahead, against Pumas and Atlético de San Luis, and they have both options to be among the first four classified or to be out of the playoffs, depending on their actions and combinations of results.

Necaxa (20 points, aspia to 23)

The Hidrorayos added their second victory in a row, against Mazatlán Fc (2-1), and got fully into the fight for a place in Liguilla. In addition to León, his last opponent, he has against Pumas and Pachuca register a pending duel in the middle of the week that can lower them in the table.

Mazatlán FC (20 points, aspires to 23)

The gunboats stumbled in front of Necaxa, dropped one place in the table and complicated their stay in the play-off zone

Guadalajara (19 points, aspires to 22)

The outlook for Guadalajara was complicated by the defeat against Tigres, as they seeded it as twelfth place in the table, with Pumas and Pachuca with two duels ahead and teams that can surpass them in score following them very closely.

Atlético de San Luis (18 points, aspires to 24)

Against Monterrey (1-1), the Potosino club stayed close to sleeping in playoff spots, however, it has two duels ahead, against Pachuca and Santos, who keep it alive in the fight for the play-off.

Pumas (18 points, aspires to 24)

The felines drew against Pachuca (1-1) and stayed near the twelfth place, however, they have duels against Santos and Cruz Azul to access the play-off area, waiting for what happens with the clubs in the fight for the tickets.

Pachuca (17 points, aspires to 23)

The Tuzos will face Atlético de San Luis in a duel pending Day 5 and will visit Tijuana over the weekend, so they remain with the possibility of accessing the repechage.

FC Juárez (16 points, aspires to 19)

The steeds have a minimal option to access reclassification, however, they visit Tigres and the combinations of results of four teams depend on combinations.

Querétaro (15 points, aspires to 18)

Los Gallos Blancos stumbled 2 to 3 against Santos and with that they said goodbye to the possibility of play-offs.

Tijuana (12 points, aspires to 15)

Xolos performed the mischief at Atlas and beat him 2-0 at home, however, he has no options to advance and his only interference in the play-off will be as customs against Pachuca, who has two duels ahead and has options.


Round 3 – Pachuca vs. Atlético de San Luis – It will be played on November 3 at 7:00 p.m.

Matchday 3 – Cruz Azul vs. León – It will be played on November 3 at 9:00 p.m.

Matchday 11 – Pumas vs. Santos – It will be played on November 4 at 8:00 p.m.





How would the playoff games be played?

(5)218 Cruz Azul vs. Chivas219(12)

(6)228 Leon vs. Mazatlan (eleven)20702

(7)220Monterrey vs. Necaxa (10)229

(8)231Puebla vs. Saints 225(9)


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Panorama of the Liguilla and the playoffs for the Apertura 2021