Pablo Longoria’s Marseille flies in the market: the ‘signing’ president adds eight signings

1626586467 Pablo Longorias Marseille flies in the market the signing president

A football club is what its leaders want, if they believe their project … and the Olympique de Marseille It more than meets that maxim, but that does with its peculiarities. Nor there will be the president of a football club who knows more and better how this market works. Filters are not required. He treats them directly and has taken, as is vulgarly said, the bull by the horns to undertake a AC

rrera in the market

. Has been


. Such is so

Marseille has become a European market entertainer


Not for the quantities. But for the movements.

Because of how it has moved. And because of how he has managed to do it.

In South America and in Europe. Silent

. With intuition. And the result of this is that it has been creating a competitive squad to the point that it is going to be one of the leaders in France with all possible credentials and also in its European competition it has been gaining options to consider itself a candidate.

Philosophy: you can work ‘against the tide’ of the market

There are two ways to face the market. Wait for the pieces to fit together, expecting a domino effect … or on the contrary

go against the tide. And that style is very ‘Longoria factory’.

Because suddenly and as the weeks of that almost immovable market have passed,

the president of the Marseille entity has closed the signings of Pau López, Balerdi, Konrad De la Fuente, Gerson, Under, Ghendouzi, Silliam Saliba and Luan Peres


This is how Longoria’s signings have arrived at Marseille

  • Gerson (25 million / Flamengo – BRA)

  • Balerdi (11 million / Borussia Dortmund)

  • Luan Perez (4.5 million / Santos – BRA)

  • Konrad de la Fuente (3 million / Barcelona B)

  • Guendouzi (loan / Arsenal)

  • Saliba (loan / Arsenal)

  • Pau López (loan / Rome)

  • Ünder (loan / Rome)

A president with a great nose for the current market: the great asset

Has done

a real revolution

. The one I expected, because

Longoria landed in Marseille last August 2020.

It was when his incorporation became official

as sports director

… but

in February it was when the great revolution arrived in the entity. The owner Franck McCourt completely changed the corporate structure and appointed Longoria himself as president.

. It is not a president to use.

He is a president with a high degree of market knowledge

. And it has been seen

reflected in the movements he has made when the rest of the clubs have not even moved a finger

. Olympique has run. It has broken that taboo that you cannot go to the market and close level players ahead of time.

Various formulas: spending with whoever plays and future assignments

And he has used all kinds of formulas despite everything.

You have dodged market difficulties with imagination

. Ha to

really posted by a series of players who know that in the medium-term future they will revalue

. He has gone to the South American market – cheap in the player’s salary cost despite the fact that transfers began to be high a few years ago. It was the first to fall, on June 4.


, for 25 million. Later, specifically a few days ago, it was done with


for 11 million. And affordable costs with

Luan peres

(4,5) and

Konrad De la Fuente

(3). The first two, your big investments. Where you really bet. And to complement it, he has opted for the

loan formula with Guendouzi (Arsenal), Pau López (Roma), Under (Roma) and Saliba (Arsenal)


Numbers: 45 million spent, five invested …

A real revolution that he has made at Olympique … and in today’s market. Ha

invested about 45 million and has sold for about five

. But it was investment and the owner of Marseille has given full powers to a peculiar president.

A ‘signing president’. A top leader with market skills

. That it is known by heart as a result of it the way in which it has moved in it. And players have been falling. One after another.

But not only this. Pablo Longoria’s Marseille is

more into the name dance than ever

. They have been associated

contacts with Daniel Wass (Valencia), Coutinho (Barcelona), Umtiti (Barcelona), Idrissi (Seville), Ribery (Friorentina, free), Giovanni Simeone (Cagliari).

A full-fledged entertainer. The sauce that Pabo Longoria likes. A terrain in which it moves like a fish in water.

The one with the most signings: Marseille

The proof that it is the club that has moved the most are those eight signings it has under its belt. For example, him


add seven highs, the

Norwich city

with six highs, the


with five signings, the


, with three, the


, another three, the


has incorporated three new faces … These are the clubs that have moved the most money in the market.

Pablo Longorias Marseille flies in the market the signing president

Sampaoli, the great beneficiary of this mega-revolution in Marseille. / OM