Orbelín Pineda honors its third anniversary in Cruz Azul with shoes inspired by the jaripeo and its celebration

The Cruz Azul forward ordered to decorate the shoes that he will use against Pumas with the image of a bull and the celebration when he scores a goal with Cruz Azul

Orbelín Pineda will play with Blue Cross, this sunday before Pumas, with some shoes specials that will carry a bull, for their taste for the jaripeo, in addition to a drawing of his typical celebration of a marometa, as a tribute to the three years he has been in the Machine, with which he has won three championships, including a Liga MX.

This is the second time that Orbelín Pineda goes to Enrique Padilla, the Pinta Cuadros, to design his game shoes. The footballer of Blue Cross He will carry on his feet two of his passions, a bull, as well as the stamp of one of his typical celebrations.

“The shoes are accompanied by the cry of ‘Gol’ and Orbelín giving his classic marometa with the shirt of Blue Cross, always remembering the good time that has passed there and in the other shoe you find a bull because he is a fan of the jaripeo “, said Padilla, who has already designed more than 35 studs for Liga MX players.

The designer explains that Orbelín wanted a bull running at full power with the intention of transmitting the same thing that the forward does on the field, “which is to live like a bull.”

“It all started at the beginning of the tournament. We wanted to do something that was ‘Grita México’, a bit of transmitting, within the shoes, the message that we want to give to eradicate the scream, but because of ‘x’ or ‘y’ we could not reach that point and a few days ago, when the end of the tournament approaches, he tells me that he wants to pay tribute to him in his cleats to the time that has passed in Blue Cross and the successes he has had, with one of his celebrations, not exactly that of the ‘Trokita’, but his classic celebration, which is the marometa ”.

In addition to the two main drawings, in the shoes A magician’s hat was also captured, referring to the nickname that the footballer has, in addition to the player’s initials that adds a score so far in the Apertura 2021.

“On the back we shaped a magician’s hat, like a magician’s hat emoji, and on the other side we put his initials that are ‘OP’, there goes the magic, hopefully they bring him a good tournament closing and that those tacos leave you a good memory in Blue Cross”.


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Orbelín Pineda honors its third anniversary in Cruz Azul with shoes inspired by the jaripeo and its celebration