Opinion: Memo Ochoa, hero under the posts… Disaster outside of them

With four world cups piggyback — two like headline-, experience in three European leagues, and Referrer of America, the quality of Guillermo Ochoa is unobjectionable.

He is a goalkeeper who wins games, usually a guarantee; however, when his career is in the final stretch at his almost 37 yearsit can be said that he was never able to overcome their main weaknesses: the exits and the game with the feet.

Once again, a wave of praise overflowed towards the captain of the Eagles after his performance against Pachuca for a couple of saves (two others did not count, beyond their quality), and he was classified as “the savior” and responsible for keeping his team alive in the quest for the Final.

Little or nothing is noticed that in the play in which the penalty is awarded in favor of the Tuzos due to the touch of Jorge Sánchez on Avilés Hurtado, Ochoa has a good dose of responsibility.

True to his style of play, the goalkeeper he does not risk even by mistake when playing early To try to read and anticipate a possible play, and in the aforementioned penalty action, despite the fact that the Colombian attacker gets ahead of the ball a lot to enter the area, Memo is not even close to cutting and is overshot easily.

It is affirmed —with a high dose of reason— that under the three desserts there is no other like Ochoa in Mexico; however, there is not the same certainty when talking about the Departures overlook or to cut off a dangerous action —that of Avilés, for example—, and what to say about the foot play quite limited of the tricolor archer.

Other data? Addition 28 penalties without saving in Liga MXwith everything and that before the Tuzos they would have told him from the bench to throw himself to the right and he ignored the advice to be deceived by Nico Ibáñez.

It is not about questioning or launching a criticism without sensebut yes to look for a Balancebecause every time Memo launches there is an evocation of the save against Neymar in Brazil 2014 and it starts with absurdity that he is the best goalkeeper in the history of the country, etcetera, etcetera.

And yes, in such a discussion there will never be agreement and many factors influence so that each one affirms whether or not it is the most transcendent, but it is worth remembering that with everything and the five world championships that it will add in six months and its passage through France, Spain and BelgiumMemo did not become a complete goalkeeper whose weaknesses are difficult to find.

Their shortcomings today they are the same as throughout his career: the starts and the game with his feet…

A warranty under the posts, yes; and a disaster out of them, too.

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Opinion: Memo Ochoa, hero under the posts… Disaster outside of them