Opinion: Barcelona, ​​in the hands of a witty (Laporta) and an impostor (Koeman)

What politician in campaign, before returning to the presidency of FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta got tired of promise and promise.

The manager represented hope Pure for Barcelona after a successful past at the helm of the club, and after an otherwise controversial and disastrous management of his predecessor, Josep María Bartomeu. In addition, in theory It was impossible for Barça to fall lower … Only in theory.

Here it is worth remembering a warning that he issued at the time Victor Font, opponent of Laporta in the elections towards the presidency of Barça, as he said that his rival had not presented before the partners draft no one, much less raised how he would solve the disaster – economic and sporting – that he was going to find in case of winning in the voting.

The ‘proposal‘of Laporta was to appeal to the I remember from his first administration on the team. So, there was no proposal.

Time proved Font right. Laporta won because he is Laporta, but beyond hollow promises, the reality indicates that it is out of date and without arguments to stop a historical debacle of Barcelona.

Countless times guaranteed Messi’s continuity … He warned that defeats would have consequences… He presumed that the philosophy of the game that over the years has endowed the club with an identity would be untouchable… And he assured that despite going through difficult times, Barça would be contender to the titles at stake.

What debt do you have to start with? Leo’s is unforgivable, because he was unable to even do the accounts properly on the economic issue, and above all to execute so that the Argentine did not have to leave as it happened.

The defeats and especially the way in which they are achieved not only have no consequences, but they are endorsed by the club president who, in an incredible way, ratified Ronald Koeman as a coach, with everything and it is obvious to anyone that the team is playing worse and worse.

Philosophy, system, style? Which? The Dutch coach has openly declared that he is not interested in them, and he did not need to say so, because in every game it is evident. Barça is a team vulgar who plays whatever comes out, and you don’t have to go so far to exemplify it: against Granada a couple of weeks ago at the Camp Nou, Ronald Araújo and Gerard Piqué ended up as strikers hunting for balls In the area. Yes, at home and against Granada.

And in the face of the disaster, the manager has already modified his speech arguing that what the club is experiencing is a “contemplated scenario”, So he asks for support from the fans and looks resigned to the mediocrity of his coach and a team that has no guidance or resources.

It is incomprehensible that when Koeman’s departure was given as a fact, the president appeared in public to ratify it before the match against Atlético de Madrid.

Barcelona came from being thrashed by Bayern Munich without taking a single shot at the archery; to draw with great difficulty against opponents so flimsy like Granada and Cádiz; and another role in the Champions League now against Benfica, a team that is by no means a power in Europe, much less belongs to a first-level league.

With all that, Laporta’s idea was to give him the accolade to a coach who has challenged his authority, what has disputed in public and has made decisions without consult him. The new blow of reality after the ratification of Koeman was the 2-0 of Atlético de Madrid.

Why did the scene change and when it seemed that Koeman had the hours counted at the club, Laporta changed his mind? Only the presiente knows, but the seriousness of maintaining it will prove incalculable.

Everything indicates that the non-dismissal is not due to an issue of money, since in recent dates it was affirmed that the 12 millions to finish Koeman they were within reach of the club.

What is certain and sad for Barça and its millions of followers around the world is that Laporta became reality speech misleading from the coach: “it is what there is; with this campus you can not Aspire to fight LaLiga; it is impossible apply a game system if there are no extremes; we arrived several times and unfortunately the goal did not fall ”, etcetera, etcetera.

Koeman pretend and cheat With an appearance of truth, because beyond the fact that Messi’s departure greatly affected, and that the squad has limitations, that does not mean that he cannot try to play well, to compete, and above all that is seen job, the domain of a system, the bet for a style. With Koeman there is none of that nor will there be, and that is what Laporta is endorsing by ratifying this character.

Today, mired in a crisis that has worsened compared to what Bartomeu left behind, Barcelona is in the hands of a president full of occurrencesthat one day he says one thing and the next radically changes his position; and a technician impostor, who lies and knows victimizes to make believe that he does what he knows may and not enough for more … Poor FC Barcelona.