Oliver Kahn: “We lost Lewandowski, the best striker in the world, to Barcelona”

The Bayern Munich has begun with an important transition process, since with the departure of Robert Lewandowski to Barcelonathe Bavarian team is considering an important change in which players like Mané and De Ligt will be the basis of the team that Julian Nagelsmann, in the company and advice of Oliver Kahn, intend to carry out.

As part of Bayern’s tour of the United States, the CEO of the club, Oliver Kahn, revealed in an interview for CBS Sports How was the sales process? Robert LewandowskiYowhom he cataloged as the best striker in the world after his signing with Barcelona despite the fact that the German club initially declared itself ready to keep the Pole for one more season.

“We lost Lewandowski to Barcelona, ​​one of the best strikers, if not the best striker in the world. He gave us a lot, he scored 30 to 40 goals per season. When I said we were ready to keep him at the club, we had no other options, no offers from other clubs. That’s why I said no. Then things changed. Now we have Mané with us, and Barcelona made us a very attractive offer to buy Lewandowski.” Kahn explained in an interview with the American media.

Oliver Kahn highlights the growth of soccer in the United States

According to the world runner-up goalkeeper in Korea-Japan 2022, soccer in the United States has had significant growth and for this reason they took advantage of the absence of two years in the United States to return and face one of his teams, in this case DC United, but in general he highlighted the important fan base that Bayern has in the USA, which is why they are currently carrying out their preseason in North American territory.

“It’s important to us because we have a lot of fans here. We have not been able to travel in the summer for the last two years due to the pandemic. We wanted to appear here. For us, it is also very important to play against the national teams of the MLS and not only against the European clubs”, explained Oliver.

Finally, reiterated the growth that exists in MLS as a fundamental part of the 2026 World Cup, because according to Kahn, Bayern seeks to continue forming alliances with MLS clubs to export players to their first team in the coming years, as is the case with the union they formed with FC Dallas in previous years.

“With the next World Cup in 2026, the MLS clubs are developing, it’s really great. We have a collaboration with FC Dallas, for us it is a very important market and we hope it will grow even more in the coming years. The evaluation of the MLS clubs continues and that is a sign that the whole system is improving and we want to be part of this environment as one of the most important clubs in the world, “he added.

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Oliver Kahn: “We lost Lewandowski, the best striker in the world, to Barcelona”