Official: the fixture of the Qatar World Cup, day by day

The draw passed at the Doha Exhibition & Convention Center and the Qatar 2022 World Cup already has its path defined. The eight groups remained, where Argentina went to Group C, along with Mexico, Poland and Saudi Arabia, and in Olé we show you the fixture, with days, times and phase dates.

The calendar and the stadiums.

This World Cup will not be played in the middle of the year, as we are used to, but will be from November 21 to December 18, taking into account the temperature at that time in the Arab country. Since we have six hours difference, in Argentina the meetings will be between 7 and 16. For example, the final will be at 18 there, 12 here.

The calendar of the World Cup Qatar 2022.

The calendar of the World Cup Qatar 2022.

The calendar indicates that the group stage will last 12 days, from Monday, November 21 to Friday, December 2, with four games per day (7:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Argentine time), while the last games of each group will be played simultaneously (at 12:00 and 4:00 p.m. in our country), as well as the single-match elimination phases.


Group A: Qatar, Netherlands, Senegal, Ecuador

Group B: England, USA, Iran, Wales/Ukraine/Scotland

Group C: Argentina, Mexico, Poland, Saudi Arabia

Group D: France, Denmark, Tunisia, Peru/United Arab Emirates/Australia

Group E: Spain, Germany, Japan, Costa Rica/New Zealand

Group F: Belgium, Croatia, Morocco, Canada

Group G: Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia, Cameroon

Group H: Portugal, Uruguay, South Korea, Ghana


Monday, November 21: Senegal vs. Netherlands (7:00, Al Thumama Stadium), England vs. Iran (10:00, Khalifa International Stadium), Qatar vs. Ecuador (1:00 p.m., Al Bayt Stadium) and United States vs. Wales/Ukraine/Scotland (4:00 p.m., Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium)

Tuesday, November 22: ARGENTINA vs. Saudi Arabia (7:00, Lusail Stadium), Denmark vs. Tunisia (10:00, Education City Stadium), Mexico vs. Poland (1:00 p.m., Stadium 974) and France vs. Peru/United Arab Emirates/Australia (4:00 p.m., Al Janoub Stadium).

Wednesday, November 23: Morocco vs. Croatia (7:00, Al Bayt Stadium), Germany vs. Japan (10:00, Khalifa International Stadium), Spain vs. Costa Rica/New Zealand (1:00 p.m., Al Thumama Stadium) and Belgium vs. Canada (4:00 p.m., Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium)

Thursday, November 24: Switzerland vs. Cameroon (7:00, Al Janoub Stadium), Uruguay vs. South Korea (10:00, Education City Stadium), Portugal vs. Ghana (1:00 p.m., Stadium 974) and Brazil vs. Serbia (16:00, Lusail Stadium)

Friday, November 25: Wales/Ukraine/Scotland vs. Iran (7:00, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium), Qatar vs. Senegal (10:00, Al Thumama Stadium), Netherlands vs. Ecuador (1:00 p.m., Khalifa International Stadium) and England vs. United States (16:00, Al Bayt Stadium)

Saturday November 26: Tunisia vs. Peru/United Arab Emirates/Australia (7:00, Al Janoub Stadium), Poland vs. Saudi Arabia (10:00, Education City Stadium), France vs. Denmark (13:00, Stadium 974), ARGENTINA vs. Mexico (16:00, Lusail Stadium)

Sunday November 27: Japan vs. Costa Rica/New Zealand (7:00, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium), Belgium vs. Morocco (10:00, Al Thumama Stadium), Croatia vs. Canada (1:00 p.m., Khalifa International Stadium) and Spain vs. Germany (4:00 p.m., Al Bayt Stadium).

Monday November 28: Cameroon vs. Serbia (7:00, Al Janoub Stadium), South Korea vs. Ghana (10:00, Education City Stadium), Brazil vs. Switzerland (1:00 p.m., Stadium 974) and Portugal vs. Uruguay (16:00, Lusail Stadium)

Tuesday November 29: Netherlands vs. Qatar (12:00, Al Bayt Stadium), Ecuador vs. Senegal (12:00, Khalifa International Stadium), Wales/Ukraine/Scotland vs. England (4:00 p.m., Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium) and Iran vs. United States (16:00, Al Thumama Stadium)

Wednesday, November 30: Tunisia vs. France (12:00, Education City Stadium) and Peru/United Arab Emirates/Australia vs. Denmark (12:00, Al Janoub Stadium), Poland vs. ARGENTINA (16:00, Stadium 974) and Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico (16:00, Lusail Stadium)

Thursday December 1: Croatia vs. Belgium (12:00, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium), Canada vs. Morocco (12:00, Al Thumama Stadium), Japan vs. Spain (4:00 p.m., Khalifa International Stadium) and Costa Rica/New Zealand vs. Germany (16:00, Al Bayt Stadium)

Friday December 2: South Korea vs. Portugal (12:00, Education City Stadium) and Ghana vs. Uruguay (12:00, Al Janoub Stadium), Cameroon vs. Brazil (16:00, Lusail Stadium) and Serbia vs. Switzerland (16:00, Stadium 974)

Round of 16: at 12 and 16 in Argentina.

​Saturday, December 3: 1st A vs. 2nd B (12.00; match 49, Khalifa International Stadium) and 1st C vs. 2nd D (4:00 p.m.; match 50, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium)

Sunday, December 4: 1 ° D vs. 2° C (12.00; game 52, Al Thumama Stadium) and 1° B vs. 2nd A (4:00 p.m.; match 51, Al Bayt Stadium)

Monday, December 5: 1st E vs. 2nd F (12.00; match 53, Al Janoub Stadium) and 1st G vs. H2nd (4:00 p.m.; match 54, Stadium 974)

Tuesday, December 6: 1° F vs. 2nd E (12.00; match 55, Education City Stadium) and 1st H vs. 2nd G (16:00; match 56, Lusail Stadium)

Break: Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 December.

Quarter finals: matches at 12 and 16 in Argentina.

Friday, December 9: winner match 53 vs. winner of match 54 (12:00; match 58, Education City Stadium) and winner of match 49 vs. winner match 50 (4:00 p.m.; match 57, Lusail Stadium)

Saturday December 10: winner match 55 vs. winner of match 56 (12:00; match 60, Al Thumama Stadium) and winner of match 51 vs. winner match 52 (16:00; match 59, Al Bayt Stadium)

Break: Sunday December 11 and Monday 12.

Semifinals: both at 16 in Argentina.

​Tuesday, December 13: Winner match 57 vs. winner match 58 (16.00, match 61, Lusail Stadium)

Wednesday, December 14: Winner match 59 vs. winner match 60 (16.00, match 62, Al Bayt Stadium)

New break: Thursday 15 and Friday 16 December.

Third place: Saturday December 17 (12:00, Khalifa International Stadium).

Final: Sunday December 18 (12:00, Lusail Stadium)

The schedules of the World Cup Qatar 2022.

The schedules of the World Cup Qatar 2022.


The Al Bayt Stadium, second with the largest capacity in all of Qatar (it can receive 60,000 spectators), will host the opening match, which will have the host team as one of the protagonists. On the other hand, all the teams will want to reach the definition in the lusail stadiumwhere the final will be played under the watchful eye of 80,000 spectators.

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The organization of Qatar 2022 and FIFA further communicated that, due to the “compact nature of the tournament”, air travel will not be necessarysomething that facilitates the transportation of the national teams, journalists and fans within the Arab country.

The new Al Bayt stadium, where the opening match of the World Cup will be played, in Doha.

The new Al Bayt stadium, where the opening match of the World Cup will be played, in Doha.

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In addition, the stadium and schedule of the matches for the teams that make up the group stage will be determined once the final draw is madewhich will be this Friday, April 1, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. in Argentina.

Lusail Stadium, where the World Cup final will be played, also in Doha.

Lusail Stadium, where the World Cup final will be played, also in Doha.

Not a minor detail: the pairings are known, the best times for television audiences in each country will be assignedadapting itself as best as possible to Argentines who want to follow the Selection.

Another impressive stadium for the Qatar 2022 World Cup:

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Official: the fixture of the Qatar World Cup, day by day